October 6, 2022

In the old days, the percentage of women who offered to end the relationship and succeeded was extremely low, because of the woman's social and family status.

In modern society, the status of women is equal to that of men, and they can still live without relying on men. Therefore, when they are unhappy in marriage, they do not have to endure and be wronged. They have the confidence and right to take the initiative to end the marriage relationship and file for divorce.

In a large number of divorced couples, the proportion of peaceful separation is not much. Most of them are one of the parties to end marriage for various reasons, and now divorced couples, divorce is mostly put forward by women. Men should understand the reasons.

There are four reasons why divorce is mostly a woman's decision in both sexes.​
1. Women's happiness

There are differences in happiness between men and women in marriage. Men's happiness is mainly reflected in material things. If they have a house and a car and can make their family well fed and clothed, they will be satisfied.

And women's happiness is more "insatiable", the reality of women, not only need the basic material needs, but also get spiritual satisfaction.

Some women, when men have no money and men to talk about money, losers blame men, cannot meet the demand of family and their own material, rich of time, men and men they talk about feelings, a man ignored, she would think that men do not love her, don't care about her, two aspects is not satisfactory, some women will feel unhappy marriage, to cause emotional discord, They will take the initiative to divorce, to find a satisfying marriage.

2. Women's independence

Must admit that modern women thought and economic independence is very strong, even more than men 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai, they are some of the economic income is higher than men, record of formal schooling, their independence makes them have a superiority complex, coupled with a feminine beauty, in marriage, not a man pick them, but they have power to pick men, women's independence and superiority, and makes them have a dominant position in the marriage.

Since some women are independent, they don't rely on men to live, so marriage is not what they depend on. After divorce, they can bear the burden of life. If they can't get the happiness they want in marriage, marriage is an unnecessary burden for them, and divorce is no pressure for them.

61ac077dca3a118b4cf920d59d7210d33. Men's economic conditions

Some women don't look at their own economic conditions, but men's economic conditions are just needed. Now some people's marriage view is really problematic. Men look at a woman's face, men look at a woman's strength,

Some women's view of marriage "would rather cry in the BMW, not smile on the bike". This is how realistic, in order to earn money, young girls find uncle, young men with young women, greenhouse chaos four seasons, money chaos age.

For those heavy money light the feelings of women, their economic conditions are relatively poor, basically trying to find a rich man to change your fate, or meet her material desires, this kind of women don't see attachment with men, men rich of time she will jump, when men have no money, has lost value in her eyes, in order to satisfy yourself, Ask for a divorce and move on.

4, women do not worry about marrying

Relatively speaking, men marry daughter-in-law is terrible, if a woman wants to marry basically no problem, even if a woman is a second marriage, this is the advantage of women, more often than not divorce of husband and wife, a man is not willing to, because his strength is general, married again after divorce is laborious, and no difference don't say older men marry, if you are rich, could marry a girl.

This is not to say that women get married as a matter of no importance and marry when they want to leave. On the contrary, women attach more importance to marriage, and they are no less tolerant than men for the sake of family.

But the happiness of marriage is not decided by a person, women's tolerance and efforts can not get the right response from men. Women will certainly be disappointed in this marriage, smart women will not be disappointed in the marriage of their own grievances, take the initiative to divorce is their choice to release.

Conclusion: Every couple has their reasons for divorce, and it is not good to evaluate the right and wrong. I only hope that we can take it seriously. Marriage is not playing house, divorce is not a child's play.

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