September 26, 2022

Today, Xiaobian to share with you some experience on how to replace the resistor:

1. Replace the fixed resistor. If a typical fixed resistor is harmed, the rated power can be utilized. Carbon film resistors or metal film resistors have the same rated resistance value.

2. Replace the thermistor. If the thermistor is damaged, you can replace it with another model of the same type or similar performance parameters.

3. ​Restoring the varistor If a varistor is harmed, replace it with a varistor of the same model or another varistor with the same parameters. During replacement, the nominal voltage and flow capacity of the varistor should not be altered at will, otherwise it will lose protection or even burn out.

d2afe2eb213f07c7c67f156086f9003d4. ​Replacing of a photoresistor If a photoresistor is harmed, you can use a photoresistor of the same type. Other types of photoresistors with similar main parameters can be replaced.

Photoresistors with different spectral characteristics (e.g., VISIBLE LIGHT PHOTOresistors), INFRARED photoresistors, UV PHOTOresistors) cannot be replaced with each other even if the resistance range is the same.

5. Replace the fusible resistor. If the fusible resistor is harmed and has not been replaced with the same type of fusible resistor, it can also be replaced with another type of fusible resistor with the same main parameters as the one with the interrupters in series.

When RESTORING a resistor, pay attention to its rated power, resistance accuracy, resistance type, rated voltage, package type and other factors.

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