October 6, 2022

Sim card is an important carrier of our current communication signal, but have consumers ever heard of ESIM card? As 5G continues to advance, smartphones will require higher standards of convenience and simplicity. Esim card is a new technology based on the premise of high recognition of user information, which is compressed with data and stored on the mobile phone chip.

It can also be called a virtual card, because in the future, the ESIM card will not appear as a physical card, but more like a highly identifiable electronic data password. It can carry your subscriber number independently, still belong to the service of the three major carriers, but also achieve the most simplified product form.

Such as the early PHS mobile phone, containing cards, can not be disassembled. Similar to the carrier's contract smartphone, on the carrier's limited basis, in fact, also do the physical card into chip data. In this way, the user's communication tools are protected to a greater extent and the use of security will not be abused because of the loss of cards.

In the future, ESIM will not only be attached to mobile phones, but also become carriers of ESIM cards in almost all electronic products that can be seen at present. The ESIM card is also a new electronic product concept upgrade. Pr phone cards also provide unlimited possibilities for the diversification of future communication terminals.

4c053138a5c61bed8234e87eaaea4e7aEsim is about compressing the terminal volume

With the advent of thinner and thinner smartphones, every nook and cranny of a smartphone becomes a loading site for vital components. For example, at present, many mobile phone brands have cancelled the headphone interface line of mobile phones, which is also to shed the backward functions that occupy a large area of mobile phones and large volume, and replace these functions with more novel technologies.

The SIM card slot, in the overall space of the smartphone, also takes up a large part of the space. In the future, the functions of smart phones will be diversified, and the launch of new functions will also require a large amount of machine space to achieve. Therefore, this step out of ESIM card, is the product consensus of all manufacturers, is also an inevitable trend.

In addition to being thin, or even smaller, smartphones play a fundamental role for users because of their tactile and user experience. For all the same features, a smaller phone would have a distinct advantage. This not only represents the leading technology, but also creates a simple and beautiful high-end product concept.

Diversification of communication terminals

Esim is no longer a real card, and the ability to make a phone call is not based on a Wi-Fi network or a card slot. In the future, after the cell phone chip is equipped with the function of reading ESIM, each device can carry out network operation and call operation through its own ESIM card data. Let the equipment all be smart and convenient.

This is also an effective way to break the limitations of many end-product usage. For example, many tablets do not have independent Internet and communication capabilities, and there is no corresponding SIM card slot, so the end product will be much less useful. The electronic SIM card is also an inevitable demand of users and market production.

This is the product scenario, an upgrade of the product format. The synchronization and popularization of the basic functions of the product have been carried out to the greatest extent. Let more products become like mobile phones, but also let mobile phones become more like many products. most terminal functions appear intersection and fusion, whether it is to reduce the volume of products, or improve the user experience, it is very effective.

Esim is an example of resource conservation.​

Esim card in the future communication providers in the number change or network services, no longer let customers go through the tedious application process, everything can be attached to the terminal. This is not only to reduce the material and production process required by the physical card, but also to simplify more office and service resources, in the source and terminal, bidirectional suppression.

Simplicity will be the theme of the future, and the essence of technology is to streamline cumbersome processes and contribute to life more directly. Compression is an attitude, and it is also a concept that everyone will follow in the future. Behind it, there is a huge role in saving energy.

Many new products, such as the Apple iPhone XS, can now carry ESIM cards, but the adoption of these products is, in general, time driven. Through the gradual electrification of SIM cards and the high inclusiveness of products, ESIM can officially come to our lives.

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