October 6, 2022

Had an affair, no one can turn a blind eye to accept, some can not accept the choice of divorce, some nostalgic feelings or take into account all kinds of ties, as long as the other side can correct, choose to recover, let the relationship between husband and wife continue.

Extramarital affairs this mistake, no doubt, will affect the feelings between husband and wife, can turn back, can recover, or have a relatively good outcome, but there are two kinds of extramarital affairs, don't have illusions can turn back, there is no need to recover, the best to give up.

There are 3 types of relationships, extramarital affairs, each determining whether or not to return to the family.​
The first is emotional infidelity.​

This affair has nothing to do with desire, though this kind of feelings should not happen, but did in extramarital love, relationship, the sentiment is single-minded, and other members of the opposite sex to move the truth, the nature of your spouse's feelings become weak or even disappear, a person's heart is not in the family, is not want to leave, to return to the possibility of very low.

The second is physical infidelity.​

This kind of extramarital affair is purely for the sake of desire, may be a moment of confusion made a mistake, maybe home can not meet the supplement outside, the fundamental purpose is to play, feelings or stay in the family, such a derailment, to change, can get the spouse's forgiveness, basically can return to the family.

Third: physical and emotional infidelity

​such an affair, there is no turning back possible, there is no need to retain, sooner or later she will put forward a divorce, because she has not considered the family, giving up is the best choice 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

Three kinds of extramarital affairs, don't fantasy can turn back, there is no need to redeem, the best to give up.
1, returned home not communicating with each other, refused to close, didn't want to participate in activities together with each other, impatient with each other. In this case, the possibility of back is almost zero, it is no use to retain, and even keep people staying heart, finally is torture yourself, finally is off, giving up is the best way to deal with.

a3b0634be05cc12a9b711486a7d1e6992, domestic violence is extremely hateful, is zero tolerance, for people who love each other, is not violent acts, only to their own hatred to ignore people can go to hand.

Having an affair, at home to the lover of violence, on behalf of the feelings are gone, the existence of the other side seems to affect the development of his affair, for their own safety and happiness, to give up this marriage is the most rational choice.

3, extramarital affairs are generally carried out secretly. Who knows that this is a shameful thing, is the biggest factor in the destruction of marriage.

If affairs dare unscrupulous big enough, or that can also accept, whether a spouse, marriage now, it doesn't matter to him don't care, love and empathy don't love, such a situation, he will not turn back, you don't have to keep, there is no need to be with someone who doesn't love you waste emotional torture yourself, give it up!

Conclusion: if the unfortunate affair, do not endure, see the situation, it is necessary to save, you can try to save, there is no need to save to give up decisively. for people who do not love themselves and unrepentant people, there is no need to remember the old feelings, we say right?

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