Do you know any special resistors?

Resistors are common electronic components. Common resistors may be known to everyone how to do one or two, but today, the special resistors we say are not known to ordinary people. Today, Xiaobian will introduce three kinds to you!

The first type of safety resistor

Also called fuse resistor, under normal circumstances plays the dual role of resistance and fuse. When the circuit failure and make its power exceeds the rated power, it will be like a fuse to disconnect the connecting circuit. Fuse resistance is generally small (0.33ω ~ 10kω), the power is also small. Fuse resistor commonly used models are: RF10 type, RF111-5 fuse resistor symbol type, RRD0910 type, RRD0911 type, etc.

The second kind of sensitive resistor

It means that its resistance value is sensitive to a certain physical quantity (such as temperature, humidity, light, voltage, mechanical force, and gas concentration, etc.). When these physical quantities change, the resistance value of the sensitive resistance will change with the physical quantity, presenting different resistance values. According to the sensitivity to different physical quantities, sensitive resistors can be divided into heat sensitive, humidity sensitive, light sensitive, pressure sensitive, force sensitive, magnetic sensitive and gas sensitive and other types of sensitive resistors. The materials used in sensitive resistors are almost all semiconductor materials, and such resistors are also called semiconductor resistors.

The third type of cement resistance

Cement resistors are actually wire-wound resistors encased in ceramic enclosures and solidified with cement filling, as shown in Figure 1.4. The crimping process is used between the resistance wire and the pin in the cement resistor. If the load is short-circuited, the crimping contact will be quickly fused to protect the circuit. Cement resistance has high power, good heat dissipation, good flame retardant, explosion-proof characteristics and insulation resistance up to 100mω, which is widely used in switching power supply and power output circuits.

The above is a detailed introduction of three special resistors, hoping to deepen our understanding of resistors.

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