wholesale costume jewelry for sale How about Yinji Children's Clothing Wholesale City, the default comment

wholesale costume jewelry for sale

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  1. wholesale gold jewelry in dubai How about the wholesale city of Yinji children's clothing? The wholesale of the children's clothing in Yinji Square is mainly concentrated in the first phase of the first floor, that is, the southwest position, the first phase of the first floor, the second phase, in the west of the first floor, the east is the shoe area, and the first floor of the first floor is Europe and South Korea. Children's clothing areas (can be directly under the southeast gate to the end); in terms of scale, it can be said to be the largest children's clothing market in the Central Plains. As for the price, this suggestion is equal to the same quality ratio, the same price is the quality. Generally speaking It is still very dominant. The price of the same quality and the same model is cheaper.

    Three tips and techniques for the purchase of Zhengzhou Yinji Chamber of Trade City 1: Learn to learn with wholesalers to pull a good relationship. It will be very convenient to start, such as bargaining, funds arrears for a while; these are often problems that we often encounter when we are the owner, so in the market stall, try to use some small actions to closer the distance from the wholesaler. For example, when the stall, you should say hello, saying "come back all day again", the tone is very kind, and people are comfortable to listen to. I must think that you are good and worthy of cooperation.
    This II: When entering the market, when you enter the market, you should watch more, and pay attention to your own line. You can look like the owner of a large shop as much as possible. Once the wholesalers take the initiative, it is estimated that the price problem is better, and sometimes the first quotation of this situation is the real price.

    This III: Do not let the wholesalers hold their noses and adhere to their own principles. Sometimes when we enter the market's stalls and get the goods, wholesalers will definitely say a lot of words to sell a product, very hot, very good, and make you follow the thoughts, and then you may be approved that it is not suitable for your own stores. Instead of losing losses; at this time we must adhere to the goals of ourselves to the market.

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