wholesale jewelry catalogue Buying a golden necklace on the store can not check the information on the official website and is suspicious?

wholesale jewelry catalogue The gold necklace purchased on Saturday Fumen Store has no labels or tags, and the official website cannot be found.

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  1. jewelry wholesale minimum order ,price. As a Cartier product, the biggest feature is the expensive price, especially the necklace is even more staggering. Of course, this is also a performance of high quality. However, some vendors clamoring on the market, Cartier necklaces are less than 10,000 yuan, etc., then you must be vigilant, because the price of genuine Cartier necklaces is definitely not so low, and the only thing that makes it so low There is only one reason for the price, that is, it is a fake. 2. Certificate. Genuine Cartier Jewelery has certificates, and necklaces are no exception. If you buy the brand's necklace at some stores, the merchant notifys that there is no certificate, then you don't have to hesitate, it is definitely a fake. If there is a certificate, you can go to the Cartier authoritative certification agency to inquire, and you can also take it for the maintenance and cleaning of the necklace. On the other hand, you can also check the authenticity and quality of the product. Cartier necklace authentic diamond necklace 1. View the cutting of diamonds: cutting is the only human factor that determines the quality and value of diamonds. It determines the color and brilliantness of the diamond, which is the second birth of the beauty of diamond - Good cutting can release the bright light inside the diamond through the careful arrangement of the cut surface. It can be seen that the advantages and disadvantages of cutting work not only determine whether the diamond necklace is beautiful, but also directly affects the value of the necklace. 2. Check the color of the diamond: Different diamonds have different natural colors. The color of the diamond is based on colorlessness, and it gradually follows the yellow. 3. Diamond clarity: The higher the clarity of the diamond, the more precious it is. During the process of crystallization, diamonds often have subtle natural marks, which records the long and wonderful process formed by diamond formation. It is just like the fingerprint given by nature, making each diamond unique. If you still can't see any debris with the naked eye after 10 times, this diamond is considered "the United States" and is the highest world of clarity. 4. Diamond weight: The weight of diamonds is the easiest characteristic of 4C. Like other gems, the weight of the diamond is also measured with carats. The weight or size of the diamond is measured by carat [CT]. The carat phase is equal to 0.2 grams, which is usually abbreviated as "CT", and each carat is divided into 100 copies, so a 25 -point diamond weighs 0.25 carats. Diamonds of the same quality, the larger the weight, the more precious. The LOVE series of authenticity of the Cartier necklace is available in the necklace ring, but it can only be engraved in the inner wall or numbers and Roman numbers. (Emergency, as long as there are technicians and equipment in the store, the store can be used. If not, it will be sent to the Beijing Maintenance Center for treatment. It is also free, but it takes a long time). There are no genuine products on the Internet, and the so -called promise cannot be fulfilled. In addition, if there is no box to decorate, it is definitely not the original factory. Appraisal necklace to see the certificate, see the purchase price, the independent number, look at the workmanship, look at the inner wall numbers, and see the inner wall label. (If you haven't been in contact, you are difficult to distinguish. Go to the official website to find the same style to compare with your own, mainly to see the inner wall letters and numbers, size and logo.) Cartier necklace is mainly through the product. The color, price, certificate, number, etc. are judged. In addition, it can also be purchased through regular channels to ensure the authenticity of genuine products. After obtaining a product certificate, you can use it to maintain product maintenance in domestic stores, and you can also understand the authenticity of the product from the side. What does Cartier look at the authenticity? After reading the Cartier necklace, check the mark first. Valuable metal jewelry will have information about origin, manufacturer, materials and content marks. If not, it is generally not certified fakes. The unqualified product is unqualified. Check the mark can intuitively see the brand and the gold jewelry of different gold content. The second way of identification is used to use sensory tests. Generally, the higher the gold color of the purity, the darker the gold, and the foot gold is dark yellow, and the imitation gold products are mostly copper alloys, and the color is lighter. The second is the weight. A foot gold ring is about 5 grams. If it is imitation gold products, the weight will be lighter. You can use electrons to be called it. The quality is too close, and professional appraisal agencies need to be identified. The third conventional method is to test hardness. The gold jewelry of pure gold is relatively soft. It can be scratched with large head needles and biting tooth marks with teeth. I don't want to, so this method is not recommended. The most formal method is to go to a professional jewelry inspection agency to test and use physical or chemical analysis methods for identification, but you may take a little money. When buying jewelry, you also need to carefully check whether the stones are inlaid, whether the welding is firm or broken, burrs, trachoma, etc.

  2. inexpensive wholesale wine related jewelry There are no labels or tags, so why do you buy this gold necklace?

    If not, then choose to return, then it is estimated to be miscellaneous.

    mjy is the logo of Saturday blessing
    Thousands of gold: The gold content is not less than 999, which is called the thousands of gold, which is the highest value of the name of the name. The mark is thousands of gold, 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999.

    The mark of gold jewelry includes manufacturer codes, materials and purity, such as: X Gold 990, XAU990, X -foot gold, etc.

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