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  1. inexpensive jewelry wholesalers new york city Read more and do thousands of miles. Good reading, it is beneficial to open rolls. Read a good book, good teacher and friend. Reading diligently and learning the sea. May you travel to the sea of ​​books, and its joy is endless. Writing is like a god, and the harvest is unlimited. The following is a true story about love reading for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you like it, you can share it with your friends around you!
    The real story case of love reading 1
    Over: "Books are the stairs of human progress." I am a person who loves reading. The book took me to the door of knowledge, took me closer to celebrities, and took me to appreciate the strange scenery from all over the world ...
    Shortly after I just literate, I was deeply obsessed with reading. At that time, when I went to the friends at the door, I occasionally found a few "Children's Pictorial" on my friend's table. Just rolled over and looked at it. But who knows this turning over, I firmly sucked me like a magnet, and even forgot to play. When I got home, I asked my dad to buy me a few books. Dad saw me like a book so much, and was very happy. I booked a year of "Children's Pictorial" for a year without saying a word. So, I watched before eating, looking at it before going to bed, and even if I went to the toilet.
    With the increase of age, these small books can no longer satisfy me. I started to learn to read some masterpieces. I first read one of the four masterpieces- "Journey to the West". In the book, Sun Wukong's wit and bravery, the delicious laziness of the pig Bajie, the loyalty and honesty of the sand monk, and the softness of the Tang monk left a deep impression on me.
    "Journey to the West" after reading, I became interested in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. But when I read it, I read that Pang Tong was shot to death by the arrow, cried for a while, and put down the book. Later, I read Guan Yu's death again, cried again, and put down the book again. Reading in this way, I took a long time to finish reading the book.
    In addition, I also read many Chinese and foreign masterpieces. When reading "Water Margin", I seemed to be in the dangerous Liangshan, and Lin Chong, Song Jiang, and Li Yan all made me unforgettable; when I watched "Robinson Drifting", I worried about Robinson's first encounter. Later, I was pleased with everything created with both hands; the good qualities of Mr. Fuxi's calmness, decisiveness and accuracy in "80 days around the Earth" made me admire the five bodies ...
    read this so Many books, my gains are naturally not small. I remember once, and I went out for a walk with my parents. Dad and mother are discussing whether it is Antarctic or North Pole. When they argued that they could not be issued, I said: "Of course it is Antarctic cold." Mom and dad glanced at me and asked, "Why?" I replied: "Because the Antarctica is the mainland, the North Pole is the mainland, the Arctic, the North Pole It is the ocean, and the ocean has a stronger heat reference capacity than the mainland, so the Antarctica is colder. "My parents listened and had to look at me.
    Shakespeare said: "Books are nutritional products all over the world." Good books are good teachers and friends, matches that ignite the knowledge of knowledge, and it is the "illiterate" Qi Mingxing, and the wisdom of wisdom in the source of wisdom. I love reading!
    The real story examples of love to read 2
    The ancients often said: "Books when they are used in use." Book can make you know more Observation can also help you dig more knowledge treasures. Some people say, "The book is an endless ocean." Yes, it allows you to enjoy it in it and let you explore. Some people say, "The book is an endless grassland." Yes, it allows you to hire in it, and believe in the horse. Gorky once said such two sentences: "Books are the stairs of human progress. I, I am like a hungry person on the bread." , Strongly strengthen our wings!
    In young, we often read some fairy tales, such as: ugly duckling, sleeping beauty, Princess White Snow ,,,,,,,. The beautiful and beautiful stories made me travel happily in the endless fairy tale kingdom. When I grow up, I often pick up a book to read a lot, and I understand a lot of truth from it. In these books, the most income for me is "Robinson Drifting". This book has described Robinson in order to explore the mystery of science, and after thousands of hardships, and finally reaching the ideal side of the ideal shore passage Let me experience a deep truth from it. If a person wants to succeed, he must pay hard work, and at the same time, he must have an indomitable spirit and strong perseverance.
    The book is a beautiful sunset; the book is a beautiful blue sky and white clouds; the book is a big tree that thrives; the book is a cute little animal. Our life is inseparable from the book, this is like the fruit of autumn; just like a baby is eating milk, just like children cannot leave their mother, just like plants need rain to moisturize!
    Now, the book accompanies me to leave. Many years, it controls my life and enriches my life. It is an indispensable good teacher and friend in my growth process. Good reading, reading a good book! Book is a friend of human beings. Classmates, love books! Read it!
    The real story examples of love to read 3
    since ancient times, books have been good friends of human beings. As early as Confucius, with the book as a companion, the versus was full of meridian, Liu Fangbai; to the great men's explanation books, the talents were strong, and the Chinese China seemed to have a special feeling for good books. I think it is my best. friend.
    I love reading, life is wonderful because of reading. When I was discouraged, the book taught me that "the long wind and the waves will sometimes hang the clouds and sail the sea"; when I say goodbye to my friends, the book tells me "the confidant at home, the end of the world is neighbor"; when I want to indulge in indulgence, I want to indulge When I was in myself, the book made me understand that "the world has risen and the husband is responsible." It is the book that Li Bai has the pride of "Born my material will be useful, and the thousands of money is scattered!" The book let me feel the leisureness and quietness of "Mingyue Songjian Zhao, Qingquan Stone". Following Du Fu, listening to him about the concerns of the country and the people who complained about the country and the people who complained about the country and the people, and realized that Xin Qiji's "poor white occurred" aspirations and sorrows, and pity Li Qingzhao's sorrow of "people is thinner than yellow flowers".
    I love to read. People are beautiful because of reading. People who love to read are beautiful. Reading can let you get on the battleflower. In the quiet and quiet Jiangnan town, the narrow water channel is accompanied by the clear wind and leisurely; reading allows you to hold your mother's hand in a gentle afternoon, in a piece of golden rapeseed The ground is slowly walking; reading is to watch a classic movie, using words as the screen, and enjoying exciting exciting scenes ... In "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Zhuge Liang can plan because he has a wide range of knowledge and is willing to move his mind. There are ten stable grasps to do anything. In "How Iron and Steel is made", Paul Cocajin's spirit inspires me to overcome difficulties and pursue a better future ...
    The book is a touch of fireworks, embellishment The starry sky I live. Make my life less flat, and a ray of full and wonderful. Learning the sea is boundless, and the journey is long. Let us all accompany the book and create a wise life!
    The real story case of love to read 4
    In youth is a symphony, passion and hope in the note; youth It is a impression painting, with vitality and enthusiasm in daising. Youth is a river flowing water, and it is rippling under the glory of the rising sun; youth is a colorful boat, and it is voyage in the baptism of wind and rain. Youth, you need to dress up with classics.
    Is when I was frustrated when my exam was defeated, Mencius's famous saying flashed in front of me: "Therefore, the sky will be reduced to Sri Lanka, and you must suffer his mind first, work hard, and lose your body. for". It made me understand that failure is not terrible, as long as it goes forward, it will eventually win. It is the classic to make me cheer up again!
    When I had a dispute with my friends, Confucius' teachings sounded: "I don't want to do it." Only by pushing yourself and others can you get friendship. It is the classic to make me re -happy!
    When my campaign failed to be pessimistic, Wang Bo's words "old and strong, would rather change your head; poor and strong, not falling into the blue clouds" inspired me, it made me let me make me I knew that I couldn't stop me from moving forward. It is the classic that keeps me strong.
    The youth in the youth, we started planning life, and the classic is the good teacher of our spirit; in the youth, we began to enrich emotions, and the classics were the beneficiaries of our soul.
    If in the pre -Qin sons, Confucius asked me to read a kind of love, which was expensive; Mencius made me good at qi and govern the world; Mozi let me pour blood and help the suffering; Han Do not let me see a pair of cold eyes and face life; Lao Tzu asked me to first know the concept of artistic life; Xunzi asked me to read science and mind.
    has these good teachers, youth is no longer confused.
    It not only the golden house and Yan Ruyu in the book, some of which are a deep and quiet world. With the book as a companion, he was able to stand on the "giant's shoulder" to view the peaks of thoughts. "The Analects of Confucius" gave me the etiquette of behavior and philosophy of life; "Zhuangzi" made me swim in the world, and the "Book of Songs" allows me to have a sense of affection and ideas; Change ... Each book condenses the wisdom of human beings, carries the achievements of civilization, and conveys the fire of culture.
    The Li Qingzhao, where I want to mention, she was born in the house of officials, and the capital of Shu Xiangmen made her read poems. "People are thinner than yellow flowers" make her unique as plum blossoms, and stand proudly in that special era. Like plum blossoms, her wind was dazzling when it was cold. Worried the country and the people, "how a worried word is so worried" and "being a person who lives as a person, and the death is also a ghost" by a weak woman, the peerless style of plum blossoms is self -evident. Li Qingzhao was very lucky. Because of the tolerance of her family and husband, she had the freedom that many women had never owned at that time. The accumulation of years of long -term accumulation, breeding of the talents of the world. At the time of the wind and clouds, the name was left in history.
    The youth can you be lonely with these beneficial friends?
    We have to admit that we are lucky, because we have a stroke wealth left over in our lives, and we also have schools The excellent reading place for us.
    The clouds in the east slope: rough and big cloth career, poetry of poetry in the belly. A person's temperament is not how noble clothing is in, and how gorgeous jewelry is wearing, it is a temperament from the deep inside. It is calm, calm, simple and eternal.
    holding the book is holding a great thought; opening the page page is to turn a spirit of spirit. The opening of the volume is good, benefit yourself, benefit people, and benefit people; Friends, let's read the classics together! It is the source of wisdom, it is the home of the soul. Let the classics flash due to youth, and make youth beautiful because of classics. Let's take a rafting of the sea of ​​schedule and enjoy the heroic life like Su Shi's "belly with poetry."
    The real story examples of love reading 5
    Books are good friends of people. We must learn from books and strength, just like asking friends, as soon as we are born, we are friends with books.
    The philosopher said "Book is a nutritional product all over the world." This is really good. Reading can open up our vision, cultivate our feelings, and let us grow up healthy. At the beginning, the famous quotes discussed the important role of reading. I like reading, I like the beautiful language paragraphs, the ink of the book, and the philosophy in the book.
    Wen times in a book, I saw such a paragraph, "Reading can do medical stupidity, read books can cure poor, read books can heal disease, read books, read books can be far away, read books can be practiced, read can be intelligent, read can read, can read can Know how to make friends, how to know people, how to speak, how to do things, how to live to be physically and mentally healthy, and to understand what kind of life is perfect. "Yeah! Reading is endless. "Water Margin" allows us to understand China's famousness; watching "100,000 why" can enrich our knowledge; reading "Composition" can improve our composition level.
    is because of the charm of this book, so I would rather give up the time to play, and I have to read it. Even a few pages, I have to read.
    The reading gives me knowledge, gives me the truth, and gives me more interest. I love reading !!!!!

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