What conditions should chip decryption work have?

Chip decryption service is also known as IC decryption, single-chip decryption, is the analysis of advanced chips in the competitive market, and decryption research of the internal structure of these chips, and then innovative design and manufacturing, production, learning, research here to find a new point of combination.

What are the requirements for chip decryption? The decryption of the chip is not simple, so for this question, Xiaobian's answer has the following two points:

1, must have certain knowledge, know how to encrypt the chip into unencrypted;

eb520e6711936c75216bd902d25b632b2, there must be a tool to read the program - the programmer, but not all programmers have the function of reading.

This is why we sometimes develop a readable programmer to decrypt a chip.

With the above conditions, it is necessary to learn the methods of chip decryption. Generally speaking, the methods of chip decryption include software attack, FIB recovery encryption fuse, electronic detection attack and other methods.

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