Chip classification basic knowledge of the main categories and standards

Chip also known as microcircuit, microchip, integrated circuit, in fact, is the general term of semiconductor component products. There are many types of chips, which can be divided into analog chips and digital chips according to the different processing signals. In simple terms, analog chips use the amplification of transistors, while digital analog chips use the switching of crystals.

Specifically, analog chips are used to produce, amplify, and process various analog signals, including analog conversion chips (ADCs), amplifier chips, power management chips, PLL, and others. The difficulty of analog chip design is that there are too many non-ideal effects, which requires solid basic knowledge and rich experience in small signal analysis and frequency domain analysis.

In contrast, digital chips are used to produce, amplify and process various digital signals. Digital chip is usually logic operation, CPU, memory chip and DSP chip belong to digital chip. The difficulty of digital chip design is that the chip scale is large and the process requirements are complex, so it usually requires the joint development of multiple teams.

CPU is the central processing unit, is the final execution unit of information processing and program operation, as the core operation and control of a computer system. A CPU is a core hardware unit used to control and deploy all hardware resources (such as memory, input, and output units) of a computer.

Basic knowledge of the main types and standards of chip classification.

Integrated circuits, discrete devices, sensors and optoelectronics can be classified according to international standards:

According to the circuit can be divided into: analog integrated circuit, digital integrated circuit, mixed signal integrated circuit;

According to the different classification of processing signal, it can be divided into: analog signal: the chip that processes analog signal is called analog chip; Digital chip: A chip that processes digital signals is called a digital chip. What are analog and digital signals? Analog signal: say simple point is continuous signal, that is, continuously issued; Digital signal: is a discrete signal, simple point is discontinuous.

According to the use function can be divided into: GPU, CPU, FPGA, DSP, ASIC, SOC;

Civil grade (consumer grade), industrial grade, automotive grade, military grade, aerospace grade, according to different application scenarios;

Since there are millions or billions of components on a single chip, each component cannot be positioned and connected individually, and the chip is too small to be welded and connected. Instead, designers create small circuits and combine small circuit components with special programming language, so that the size and density of components on the chip gradually increase to meet the application needs.

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