Both men and women have six basic emotional needs for their partners

It is said that where there is no love, there is no harm. Actually, what I’m trying to say is, no expectation, no harm. However, men and women, there is no expectation of normal? It can’t be normal. What can we love without expectation? So, we both have emotional needs. This is normal, only when there is a need, we will give, we will win the love we want.

However, unlike women, men have different expectations and demands from each other. Our emotional needs are different. Most of the time, we just follow our heart to expect what the other person needs, and then we give each other what we want. They do not know that men and women have different needs, which leads to the result that what we give is not what the other party really wants. In this way 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai, we will be disappointed in each other, neither of us will be satisfied. And the active one will feel ungrateful, our love is always wasted, not worth doing. If we do not realize the problem, we will gradually feel cold, and do not want to pay, and then, do not want to pay the result, let the other party feel that we do not love, and then heart resentment, conflict.

The problem with this phenomenon, the mistake we often make, is that the love we give each other is not in the form that the other person desires. Turns out, we did the wrong thing.

So, do you know what men and women look for in their partners? How do we give each other the emotional satisfaction they want? We’re going to talk about each other.

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1, trust

What men need most is trust, although sometimes many women think that men are very untrustworthy. But for men alone, or for most men, he really wants women to trust him. This emotional need is satisfied when a woman recognizes the value of a man and believes that he can bring happiness to her and her family. ​A satisfied man, will be full of strength, will work harder to create happiness for women.

2, accept

Men have a lot of shortcomings, habits, looks, personality and so on many times, no woman delicate. However, a man still needs a woman who doesn’t despise him or accept him. In fact, men’s self-esteem is very strong, women’s acceptance of men is a kind of affirmation and encouragement.

3, grateful

Men are initially with a good woman, want to make a woman have a happy heart to do something. However, men’s own limitations may make men’s behavior not acceptable to women. If this time, the woman blindly blames and complains, often will hit the man’s enthusiasm. If a woman can appreciate what a man has done for her, then he will feel that his efforts have not been wasted. If the woman is grateful at the same time to guide the man to do their own acceptance, often is a kind of motivation, it can be more exciting motivation.

4,Don’t think that men don’t need praise, men also need praise from women. To praise a man means that he is recognized, accepted, and appreciated, and he will appreciate his strengths more, correct his shortcomings, and make himself more perfect.

5, recognition

A woman’s approval, for a man, is the most desirable result. Get the recognition, the man’s heart will be relieved, will be pleased that their pay finally has value. So, a lot of times, what a man wants most is a woman’s approval. This is the result of men’s pursuit.

6, to encourage

Of course, men also need more encouragement, because the heart of men is very fragile, and cannot withstand the attack of women. If a man thinks he is not good enough, a woman’s encouragement will make him more confident and make him better.

What are the 6 basic emotional needs women have for men?
1, care about

Women need to care, women need men to pay attention to her feelings, for her happiness, let her have no worries about the future, so that women can feel the love and care of men.

2, understand

Women’s pay for the family is often trivial and difficult to measure with performance. Not only are men not satisfied, women are not satisfied with themselves. Therefore, many times women want and need men’s understanding. In fact, it is not difficult to do this, just be a good listener. Don’t worry too much about a woman’s imperfections.

3, respect

A lot of women have low self-esteem and feel like they’re not recognized enough or respected enough. Therefore, sometimes, men can put a little higher status on women, give full respect, women will be grateful, will pay more attention to men’s love and care, return more love to men.

4, loyal

Women are not afraid of hard work, afraid of being hurt. Men’s betrayal of women, the blow is very big, will let women down to despair. So, loyalty is a woman’s emotional need for a man. You can not love, you can let go, but a woman can not accept it when she loves you, you are not loyal, betrayal and betray her love.

5, consider​

Men’s consideration for women, like a kind of real warmth, lets women feel the details. Most of the time, a woman does not need a man to tell her right or wrong, but needs a man’s consideration to make her feel right or wrong. In this way, women will change and improve themselves while feeling loved.

6, comfort

Most of the time, a woman’s mood is unstable, the heart is very fragile, easy to fall into an unhappy state. At this time, women need the comfort of men. Men’s comfort is like a painkiller very effective. The comfort of the man made her feel happy, secure, and convinced that she was loved.

Understanding and understanding the basic emotional needs of a loved one is a very useful tool to improve and enhance our relationships. Of course, it’s not enough that we just know these emotional needs and know each other. We still need to practice. That makes more sense.

Clarify three issues
1. Although the basic emotional needs of men and women are different, they are not absolutely different. It’s not that men have emotional needs for women that women don’t have emotional needs for men; ​nor does it mean that men don’t need the emotional needs that women have for men. In short, the six basic emotional needs of each other, in a different place, need each other. Men also need women’s care, understanding, respect, loyalty, consideration, and comfort, and women also need men’s trust, acceptance, gratitude, praise, approval, encouragement, etc.

2. If you think about it carefully, you will find that men’s emotional needs for women and women’s emotional needs for men are actually very different. Men need more encouragement and support, more convenience and help with what men do. Men put more emphasis on the ease with which they perform their responsibilities. Women need more emotional attention and warmth from men. What is needed is more attention from men on the psychological and emotional level, and men are needed to comfort women and not feel cold.

3, everyone should first know how to pay, then demand. Don’t emphasize your needs so much that the other person wants to satisfy them. So each other has this mentality, and often disappoint each other. Therefore, we first meet the basic emotional needs of the other party, the other party will meet their own emotional needs. Love is mutual.

After understanding the basic emotional needs of men and women, we should strive to achieve this satisfaction, pay attention to each other’s needs, learn to understand each other’s efforts and guide each other to meet their emotional needs. In fact, when it comes to satisfying each other’s emotional needs, couples who work well together tend to have happy marriages.

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