How to improve the recovery rate of powder coating

Powder from spray gun after the destination has the following kinds: adsorption onto the workpiece to become effective use of paint, powder spraying rooms into powder at the bottom of the platform become recovery, recovery to filter and by recycling used or fallen cyclone separation recycling use, is the ultimate filter intercepts, discharge or primary recycling direct emissions, powder spraying rooms by fluttered open to the workplace.

According to these conditions, improve the recovery rate of powder coating powder:

(1) Increase the effective use of powder, adjust the high voltage electrostatic spray gun, the use of automatic control system without workpiece stop spraying, workpiece good grounding, manual spraying or the development of similar spray painting system manipulator intelligent spraying.

The powder particle size distribution reasonable optimization, reduces the amount of ultrafine powder.


The ultrafine powder (less than 3μm) is removed during the powder manufacturing process, so that the powder amount of the filter material is reduced to the minimum.

(3) Increase the filtration area and improve the filtration accuracy.

Under the premise of ensuring the specific negative pressure in the spray room, less powder will pass through the ultimate filtration.

For this reason, the roof or wall of enough spraying area can be considered to design it as a space for powder filtering and settling. At the same time, the filter material can contain more powder, and the slow flow rate is conducive to powder filtering and separation from the air.


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