Different aspects tell you how to choose a wig

A process.

We must be in the choice of wig. It is easy to ignore the process ~ wig technology is divided into needle and mechanism. The difference is huge.

The needle is the workers in the single layer of net on the basis of a layer of simulation scalp Juan, and then from the simulation scalp Juan hair handed out, is the wig in the most complicated process. The mechanism is that the machine presses the hair on the hair net one by one to make a hair curtain. The hair cannot be independent and can not be sewn at will.

And the mechanism and the needle price difference ten times!

The length of the two.

The longer the wig, the more costly it is. That's a difference of hundreds for every two inches!

We buy hair pieces, which are divided into wig covers and wig pieces according to size. The wig cover is the whole wig on the head, easy to wear, firm, large coverage area and wide application. Wig pieces can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong arbitrariness, high fidelity and excellent air permeability.

The choice of hair length can be decided according to your needs, not the longer the better, oh, suitable for their own is the best!

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In addition to the color of the pit of hair, the present stage of real hair fake hair is typically divided into braid hair (the best), hair (cost-effective), bubble hair (not recommended to buy), hair quality is the biggest impact on the price of wigs.

Braid hair is cut off, it is impossible to bring hair follicles. Bubble HAIR is comb hair wash hair dropping the ground landing hair, the situation that has hair follicle appears.

​Then you can see that braids are the best and the most costly. So if you want a decent wig effect, you can choose a braided hair wig.

In a word, we must choose the wig you want to determine the direction, and they are more concerned about the problem, such a search can be more accurate.

I also hope that everyone can buy their own most satisfactory wig!

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