professional wholesale body jewelry How much "Putin Package" sought after by Russians is

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  1. wholesale gold plated fashion jewelry Recently, traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia, was fortunate to have dinner at the "courtyard" restaurant in St. Petersburg. It is said to be one of the restaurants that President Putin often goes to dine.
    Pujing advocates a healthy diet, and rarely drinks white wine. I like fish, porridge, fruit juice, salad, ice cream and green tea, and prefers those restaurants with traditional Russian style and civic -style beer halls. These are widely known in Russia, and Putin talked about their dietary preferences more than once in an interview.

    The president of Putin, as a civilian origin, does not like over -formally formal catering occasions. He would rather eat in restaurants from ordinary customers, although the security personnel are a major challenge. St. Petersburg is a water city, known as the "northern Venice", and the native Putin favors the watercraft restaurants. Putin once visited the "Watercolor" on the water boat restaurant next to the "Exchange Bridge", and had dinner with Finnish President Halonen here. There is also a double -layer cruise restaurant "New Continent" in St. Petersburg. Putin has held many formal banquets here. The free advertisements for Putin make this restaurant knowing people in St. Petersburg.

    The deepest restaurant with Putin is a "courtyard" restaurant located in the town of Pavlovsk, 20 kilometers in the southern suburbs of St. Petersburg. Not long ago, I recently visited the restaurant that was famous for Putin. It was built in 1993. The main building was built by thick logs. It is completely decorated in Russia's traditional style. There are specimens such as bear and wild boars on the walls. It is both rich and very relaxed. The forests around the restaurant are dense and the scenery is pleasant. It is said that Putin has been a frequent visitor here in the past 20 years. When he came to eat for the first time, he was just the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, and here he witnessed the rising political star. In 2000, President Putin held a 48th birthday party with relatives and friends here, making this restaurant famous. In 2011, the "courtyard" restaurant was a fire. In the summer of 2013, the restaurant was rebuilt after two years and opened again.

    In 2000, President Putin held a 48th birthday party with relatives and friends here.
    The dishes here are moderate, and there are many special dishes that cannot be eaten elsewhere, including bear meat cakes, elk rows, barbecue venison, wild pork, etc., each price is 200 yuan. According to the waiter's recommendation, the reporter set a "presidential package" here. It is said that it includes Putin's favorite dishes, including royal fish soup, meat platter (including decoction, meat cakes, grilled sausages and pickled cabbage. And mushrooms), spicy beef, catfish and desserts, etc., the entire package is about 600 yuan. The waiter proudly told reporters that this is the mid -range price in Russian restaurants, but it is "presidential enjoyment."

    Russians are more particular about diet. The variety of dishes is colorful. The precious caviar, the authentic bodonal soup, and the traditional small pancakes are very national characteristics. Usually the most common on the Russian table is a variety of meat foods. Almost every meal includes beef, mutton, steak, sausage, etc.

    It said to be in the late 1990s, Putin came to work from St. Petersburg to Moscow and became a frequent visitor to many Moscow restaurants. The most famous of which is the "Royal Hunting" restaurant near the ruble street. It is said that Putin especially likes the decoration style of hunting.

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