How is Kaizheng's recent? Kaizhen Co., Ltd. When will Kaizhen share the dividend of dividends in 2021?

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  1. Under the influence of the macroeconomic recovery, the stocks of the cyclical sector have achieved a sharp rise, focusing on resource stocks such as steel, coal, and metal mining. Next, let's introduce to friends of the coal industry very good companies-Kaizheng shares.

    . Before starting the analysis of Kaizhang shares, the list of leading stocks in the coal industry I organized was shared with everyone.
    . From the perspective of the company,

    The company introduction: Kaizheng's main business includes coal mining, raw coal washing processing, coking and coal chemical products. Coal, coke, methanol, pure benzene and other chemical products. Kaishi focuses on building an industrial pattern of "coal -based, supplemented by coke, supplemented, and turning", forming three major industrial chains: coal, coal chemical, new materials and new energy.

    The advantage of this company.

    Ovoices 1. High -quality fertilizer resources

    The Tangshan area coal resources in Kaiyu shares are basically buried in the southeast wing of Kaiping Coal Field. It is calculated that the charcoal di -stack of coal of charcoal di -stack of coal is composed of 2 to 300 million years ago. The degree of metamorphism of coal formation is relatively high. Coal species belong to fertilizer coal, which is not common in coal resources. In addition, the classification of coal varieties in the Tangshan area of ​​the Tangshan area is high -quality coal species with low gray, high volatilization, high -incidence heat, and special adhesive, and well -known coal species at home and abroad.

    At the same time, Kaishi adopted the method of investing in Gason Coal Field to further increase the company's coal resource reserves.

    If advantages 2. Over -reaches of the upstream and downstream industries

    This shares have formed an industrial chain from coal mining, coal was selected to coke and coal chemical products processing Essence

    The fertilizer coal produced by the two mining branches now provides sufficient raw materials to promote the development of the company's downstream coalization industry. Kaifu coal chemical industry has formed a certain scale, and the next day will continue to promote the coal chemical industry chain and achieve effective expansion of the industry.

    The development model of the selection of opening is integrated upstream and downstream. Based on its own resource advantages, it stretches towards the downstream and finally to coke. Finally, the product develops the product in refined direction to improve the efficiency of resource use. Greatly enhanced the added value of the product.

    If advantage 3. The scale of the large -scale circular economy of the coal chemical park

    The development model is the development model of Kaizheng shares in the coal chemical industry, which gradually formed a unique coal Chemical industry cluster and scale advantages.

    The coking coal coal of the coal chemical industry is provided by the company. The coke oven gas is mainly used for the production of methanol, and the crude oil and thick benzene are mainly used for deep processing. The oil washing oil was used for benzene washing. The hydrogen was used to use the gas -amplifier of the methanol project. Then the hydrogen was used for phenyl hydrogen to refine. The dry coke recovered the coke and the heat was mainly used to generate steam and power generation.

    The projects in the park form an orderly link to form a circular economic development chain to achieve optimization of resource allocation and reduce operating costs. Can be reduced a lot.

    Because of the lack of space, I also want to know more in -depth reports and risk reminders of Kaisha shares. I have helped everyone to organize in this research report. ] Kaiyu shares review, it is recommended to collect it!

    . From the perspective of the industry

    Moly promoting the supply -side structural reform in recent years The work intensity, and the comprehensive development of the industry integration and reorganization, the concentration of the coal and coking industry has been improved, the market supply and demand relationship has been continuously improved. In terms of coal production, the policies of national security supervision and environmental protection have continued to rigorous, industry production standards Higher than before, the production and operation environment is optimized. The coal industry has the impact of factors such as macroeconomic recovery and strong market demand. The price of products is higher than before, and the industry's profitability is stronger.

    Therefore, I think that as a high -quality company in the coal industry, Kaizhu Co., Ltd. has hopes to accelerate development in the process of industry change. Because the article cannot be updated in real time, if you are interested in the future of Kaizhu, click directly to the URL below. There are special investment consultants to diagnose the stock for you. [Free] Is there a chance to test the stake in the first test?

    The Answee time: 2021-11-11, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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