Which Guangdong cable brand is more popular in the industry?

Which Guangdong cable brand is more popular in the industry?

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  1. Asian cables are local brands in Guangdong. The products meet the National Family Standards and the International Electrical Engineering Council standards.

  2. There are many wires and cable brands in Guangdong. The famous ones in Guangdong belong to the Pearl River cables and Asian cables. The Pearl River cable has a long history of development. The headquarters is located in Foshan, Guangdong.

  3. 1 Far East Cable (benchmarking in 1990, high -tech enterprise, China Fortune 500, smart energy system service provider, brand excellent cable industry benchmark, Far East Cable Co., Ltd.)
    2 Panda Panda (founded in 1947, China, China, China One of the historic factories in the electrical equipment wire and cable industry, high -tech enterprise, Shanghai Panda Cable Co., Ltd.)
    3 Special Transformer TBEA (Beginning in 1988, the service of system solutions for the world energy industry provides system solutions Business, Xinjiang's local large -scale high -tech enterprise group, green energy pioneer, special transformer company Co., Ltd.)
    4 Cable (starting in 1967, the ten major brands of wires and cables, the Chinese cable industry is more competitive Enterprise, professional electric wires and cable large manufacturers, Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group Co., Ltd.)
    5 Gold Cup Electrician (starting in 1999, focusing on the research and development/production and sales of electromagnetic wires and electromagnetic wire products, supporting and losing the Hunan Power Station and Input Core enterprise in the equipment industry cluster, Gold Cup Electrician Co., Ltd.)
    6 Delixi Electric (began in 1984, large Sino -French joint venture, low -voltage power distribution and industrial automation field supplier, China Germany Lixi Holdings Group Co., Ltd.)
    7 Jinlongyu (Top Ten Brands of Wire and Cable, one of the companies that specialize in the production of high/low -voltage cable wire series products, Jinlongyu Group Co., Ltd.)
    8 Zhengtai CHNT (the domestic low -voltage electrical industry influence brand, a large group that is mainly based on low -voltage electrical appliances/electrical instruments/lighting electrical appliances, Zhejiang Zhengtai Electric Co., Ltd.)
    9 Baodong BS (began in 1985, China wire and cable industry iconic brand, China's top 500, high -tech enterprises, wholly state -owned enterprises in the cable industry, Baosheng Group Co., Ltd.)
    10 Feidiao Feidiao (founded in 1987, the iconic brand of China Electric Switch Industry, Large -scale enterprises that integrate manufacturing/scientific research/import and export trade/service/real estate development and operation, Shanghai Feijiao Electric Group Co., Ltd.)

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