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  1. 1. Preventing the cracked phenomenon of cement rockery
    (1) bottom gray, the thickness requirements are 10 ~ 20mm, starting from the bottom ash, to the plastering of each layer. Every time you get off work, you have to pour it again.
    (2) Gray is generally carved with a thickness of 20 ~ 30 mm. Before the plastering, water the bottom ash before thickening. After the dryness reaches 80 %, watering appropriately.
    (3) Surface texture and refined carving, which is about 20 ~ 30mm thick. After the plastering is completed, it must be watered for 3-4 days.
    (4) Mortar ratio: The ratio of cement to sand is 1: 1.5.
    (5) Sand requirements: Generally do not use coarse sand, use sand or fine sand.
    2. The treatment of the foundation and embedded parts of the cement rockery
    (1) The size of the flat steel embedded parts is small and can be directly tied to the main tendon. However, in the process of pouring concrete, it is necessary to observe its position at any time in order to solve the problem in time.
    (2) Corner steel embedded parts can also be directly tied to the main tendon. In order to prevent the concrete under the embedded parts from vibrating dense, the embedded parts should be drilled and excreted to the embedded parts before fixed.
    (3) During the construction of large -scale pre -buried parts, in addition to anchoring, it is necessary to welded the appropriate specifications of corner steel at the upper point to prevent the displacement of the embedded parts. For large embedded parts, the concrete must be mounded on the anchor plate, but the position and size of the hole cannot affect the normal use of the anchor plate.
    3, the steel bars inside the rockery, the safety treatment of the steel bars
    This is the internal structure of the rockery and the backbone that supports the entire rockery. Therefore, the solid steel structure is the basis of the longevity of the rockery. The internal structure of the rockery is mainly composed of contact surface foundation, steel structure and wire mesh. Any problem will affect the safety of the overall structure of the rockery. When making the internal structure of the rockery, you should pay attention to the following points:
    (1) The wire mesh should be galvanized, and the wire mesh should be completely covered in the cement. The surface of the cement rockery should not be exposed.
    (2) Make the cement rockery contact with more than 20,000P pressure, and even the force point is even (the steel structure contact point is uniform).
    (3) The steel structure is treated with anti -rust treatment, and the steel structure is welded by cutting fork. All welding points are painted with anti -rust paint.
    4. The surface texture of the rockery.
    (1) The plastic surface of the cement rockery, detailed the texture, color, texture and surface characteristics of natural stone on the plastic surface. According to the design requirements, the stone powder and color powder are mixed with white cement or ordinary flour to make mortar, and the mortar is rough, smooth and hairpin plastic surface processing. The shaping of texture, generally, the rock that is mainly straight and the horizontal lines, can show a steep and tall posture; the rock with horizontal stripes and vertical stripes can be more expressive; The rock can show profound and magnificent features. In order to enhance the natural sense of mountain views, in addition to the description of texture, the details of the natural characteristics of the mountain scenery should be done, such as cracks, holes, holes, cracks, faults, displacement, etc. Generally speaking, the texture of texture should be used to summarize and simplify the method of "one stroke"; natural characteristics should be handled carefully.
    (2) Looking at the rockery close to the rockery. The comprehensive use of carving, engraving, kneading, and technical technique during the construction process is very important. The corners of the cement rockery should be specially treated, and Yangjiao is the focus of tourists' attention. The corner texture of the big rose must be lengthened, and the carving method is used to make the overall bumps and layering stronger.
    5. Precautions for coloring on the hill
    (1) Mix the base color with pigment powder and cement and stain layer by layer when the moisture on the plastic surface is not completely dry. Sprinkle a slightly darker tone in the gap or corner of the stone. When the surface of the plastic surface is 90 % dry, sprinkle a little green, black or white spots with different sizes and density in the depression to enhance the three -dimensional and natural sense.
    (2) The most important requirement of cement rockery is durability. Considering that most of the cement rockery is exposed to the sun, the weather resistance is heavier. It is recommended to use water -based resin polymer paste or acrylic pigments and water -based resin emulsion for more than 10 years.
    6. Precautions for the maintenance of cement rockery
    In the cement rockery is ready, it cannot be touched immediately. It should be fine for two or three days. Spray about three times a day, once in the morning, middle and evening. If a sunny day must be more than six times, you can adjust appropriately according to the local climate and temperature. Only in this way can the mountain basically stable. Cement rockery is like a three -dimensional painting. After art processing, it has been treated with magical methods that move the sky, and the beauty of nature is reproduced in the form of mountains, plants, and accessories.
    7. The plant configuration of the cement rockery
    This stone with ancient trees, green mountains and green trees, and entangled vines, making you feel wild. Therefore, the construction requirements leave normal areas and conditions according to the design intentions and drawings to ensure the survival and development of plants to achieve the coexistence of stone trees and complement each other.

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