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  1. The current status of engineering cost employment situation is as follows:
    Te engine cost majors are one of the popular majors that are newly set up by the Ministry of Education according to the needs of national economic and social development. Emerging disciplines developed in professionalism.
    At present, almost all projects require the full budget from the start to completion, including the start budget, the completion of the project, whether it is an owner, a construction unit, or a third -party cost consulting agency, and must have their own core budget personnel.
    The employment direction and prospects of engineering cost

    Manan -oriented construction, design units and construction enterprises, in engineering cost consulting, bidding agency, engineering supervision, engineering consulting or engineering cost management positions, engaged in engaging Engineering design budget preparation, project construction drawing budget preparation, engineering quantity list preparation, engineering bidding quotation, engineering settlement preparation, etc.
    The project cost industry has a good employment prospect. The cost of engineering is a civil engineering. Because each project will need a cost budget, it is essential for this job, so it is also very important for the cost of the cost. considerable.
    The graduates are mainly in construction enterprises, engineering cost consulting agencies, bidding consulting agencies, construction units, engineering supervision, engineering cost authority and other relevant units to engage in construction engineering pre -settlement, engineering audit, bidding quotation and other work.

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