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  1. Jewelry is commonly used to make jewelry, crafts or other treasures with certain value of natural material minerals, rocks, creatures, etc. outside the metal such as gold and silver. Below I will bring you the work plan of the 2022 Jewelry Store, I hope to help everyone!

    2022 jewelry shop work plan 1
    . Sales concept
    In the face of a potential purchase customer, each salesperson should do the following
    1. Smile with a smile
    , the instrument is neat
    . Pay attention to listening to the other party
    4. Add value of recommended products
    5. Demand consumers are the most fashionable and concerned topics for consumers to draw consumers
    . Understand the characteristics of the product
    as a salesperson, understand the basic of the product, understand the basic of the product The purpose of knowledge is to help build customer confidence in purchasing customers to promote sales, explain the value of jewelry and jade with the quality of goods, and the guarantee of the world's first trading bag recycling. Explanation of a bit of explanation
    . Understanding customers
    1. Main obstacles purchased by customers
    (1) Lack of confidence in jewelry of jewelry
    (2) Lack of confidence in jewelry dealers
    2. Customer type: People who understand what types of customers are, are the basis of making business with customers. To understand that customers can start from these aspects
    (1) Carefully observe
    (2) Talk and listen to
    . Customer purchase motivation
    4. Customer purchase process: (( 1) Desire (2) Collection information (3) Select the goods (4) Buy decision -making (5) Post -purchase evaluation
    . Sales common words
    as employees of jewelry shops, commonly used sales of professional specified sales The language can not only establish a brand image, but also build customer confidence in buying. Therefore, every salesperson is required to use common words
    1. Customers' greeting words when entering the store: "Hello!" "You early", "Welcome", "What do you want? What? "" Please take a look "" Please later "," I'm sorry, let you wait for a long time "" Welcome you to come next, see you "
    . The professional language when displaying the goods
    ( 1) Introduce the professional term of jewelry: ABC goods and so on who will add value
    (2) Sales term that encourages customers to try it. It is the new style of our store, please take a look; C is a classic wedding dragon and phoenix double happiness, you can try it; D style is very suitable for you; E your taste is really good, this is the most this season For popular styles, you may wish to try it; there are hundreds of styles in the FON store. As long as you choose a patient choice, there is always one suitable for you
    . Counter polite words
    (1) This is a beautiful gift, this is a beautiful gift, I will pack you;
    (2) This is your invoice, you receive it;
    (3) How much yuan does it take for you, thank you;
    . When the customer is walking, the customer goes Polite words
    (1) Really regrettable, this time there is no goods you are satisfied with, welcome to come again next time;
    (2) The new goods have arrived (after the circle is changed), we will call you immediately, we will call you immediately
    (3) Here is a booklet that introduces jewelry knowledge and jewelry maintenance. Give you
    5. Sales service
    1. Customers enter the store: Regardless of any work at hand, You should put down the job in your hand. With a smile, a kind greeting: "Hello (good morning, good at noon, good afternoon, good afternoon) What do you choose, please choose if you like it"
    2. When the customer shows it When you are interested, you must be familiar with the goods to take out the goods that customers are interested in immediately. It is manifested as: A. Suddenly stop when walking; B eyes are staring at a certain one; C asks the new or a certain
    3. Show recommendation
    The quality of valuables and shopping guides can also make customers pay attention when trying to wear them;
    (2) Observe customers: The color of the face shape of the face shape will help introduce the style to the customer and show the professionalism of the shopping guide;
    (3) When recommended, it is mainly based on the style that customers like. It cannot forcibly change the willingness of customers. This can easily lead to the failure of the transaction. You can properly put forward some opinions and opinions in the sales process.
    The work plan of the jewelry store in 2022 2
    . How to build the superior service system of the terminal jewelry store:
    Step 1: service etiquette, sales are the communication of people, as terminal sales, as terminal sales In the store, we will face customers directly. Regardless of whether customers buy our products, we must give high -quality and superior service quality as terminal sales service personnel, but customers will focus on our products.
    If: service training for employee sales skills, and the characteristics of the characteristics of our company's products, the core selling point of the product, the professional knowledge of jewelry, sales skills, and the training of scene question and answer examples. Customer respect.
    3: Customer analysis, customer type analysis, customer psychological analysis, product comparative analysis.
    . Market analysis
    (1) After entering the company, we must first understand the company. I will use two to three days to learn about and familiar with the company's product operation direction, business model, the main products and the personnel conditions of various departments.
    (2), from the third day, I will look at the personality description of other companies' website products and text materials such as diamond birds. Turning this information into part of your own thoughts,
    The integration of integration, becoming your own things, and writing a better personality description and text information.
    (3), starting from the sixth day, every and a half months of time do a "market survey" for all jewelry industries in a civilized city. The content of the "market survey" is:
    1. The company's market retail price of 0.1ct, 0.1 ~ 0.2CT, 0.2 ~ 0.3ct, 0.5ct, 1CT diamond jewelry.
    2. The color, clarity, and cutting of the corresponding weight jewelry.
    3. What kind of discount promotions are available.
    4. What kind of unique promotional activities are there during each holiday.
    5. Understand what new diamond rings have appeared in the market, and then grasp the dynamic trend of the diamond ring market.
    6. Learn about several counters in each mall jewelry counter, and how many products are displayed at each counter and the latest sales price.
    . Product planning
    The next day after doing the "market survey", the further thing to do is "product planning". In the past, I had a work experience in Blessing and IDO in the past, coupled with the existing "market survey". What kind of products do we need in the market now. Content of "Product Planning":
    1. What style can make popular guests and fashionable guests love;
    2. Where does our product set the price to be competitive? R n 3. What kind of discount promotions can we do (such as those who are willing to spend money to buy diamond jewelry, what kind of gifts and activities are attractive to them.)
    . Market Commercial Alliance r
    1. Contact the outstanding enterprises in various industries, master the personal information of high -end consumer groups in various industries, and increase customer contact to promote the latest products and promotion activities of our company in a timely manner.
    2. Increase our company's sales publicity channels.
    3. Learn more about the consumption psychology of each consumer group.
    5. Increasing sales performance
    It how to increase sales performance is an industry that is concerned about in various industries. As the jewelry industry is still in the high -end consumer market in this city, it should be improved from customers:
    1. Increase the number of customers. As a terminal service store, only the number of people enter the store can increase the sales of trading machine filtering.
    2. Increase customer consumption frequency.
    3. Increase a single consumption amount for customer consumption.
    The work plan of the Jewelry Store in 2022 3
    . As an excellent jewelry guide, we must understand the many jewelry brands in the market and be sweet and sweet. You have to actively discover the advantages of customers and timely praise customers and accompanied by.
    . It is necessary to understand that what you sell is luxury, not ordinary losses, so you must have a strong observation ability and good communication ability. The topic is to establish a bridge to communicate with customers.
    3. The most taboo of the salesperson is to say that the words are firm. To always leave themselves to the way, if the customer chooses the jewelry, let you make a reference, you must detailed the advantages of the two jewelry in detail Speak, guide customers to choose.
    . To broaden your own vision, you must understand the prices, origin, characteristics, types of jewelry, origin, characteristics, and types sold on the market, such as: 砗磲, agate, coral, amber, crystal, pearl, musk, musk, musk, musk The types of crystals: white crystals, pink crystals, yellow crystals, tea crystals, amethyst, amethyst, various ghosts, etc.; only if you know these, you can interact with customers when you encounter customers wearing such accessories.
    5. When encountering a large number of customers, the shopping guide will be happy from the heart, because there are many commissions, and even some shopping guides will secretly calculate how much money they can get. Running list. (Example: A customer came to a glasses shop to communicate well with the salesperson. He bought a 15,000 sunglasses. When the customer walked out, he looked back and found that the salesperson was pointing at him and laughing. Thinking about it, the glasses have retreated.) When the reception is a big order, the two people receive it. Some employees will take a curious look, or go to say a few words and go again. This is to avoid.
    6. I have to ask my colleagues if I do n’t understand. If you ca n’t find the answer, the way is to ask competitors. And ask a few more, share it with your family.
    2022 Jewelry store work plan 4
    The daily work responsibilities of the store manager:
    . At all times, the goods are placed in the shop surface. There must be no shortage of props, incorrect placement of goods, chaotic and dirty places.
    3. Organize employees to be familiar with goods and learn more about each piece of goods. Including the meaning of planting water, craftsmanship, and subject matter, find out the sales highlights of each product
    4. According to seasonality and popularity, the manager will make the main offensive direction next month at the end of the month at the end of the month, and arrange the goods
    Report to the marketing planning department to make a suitable DM order to assist in shooting pictures and design copywriting. Organize employees to send customers. (How much sending volume, whether the customer generates resistance, further understand the number of people)
    5. Manage the sales of small tickets.
    The employee management
    1. Host morning meeting, about 10 minutes. Improve employees' work emotions one day, summarize the work of the season, and put forward praise and criticism.
    2. Manage the attendance of employees. Except for special circumstances, it is not allowed to transfer. Table
    3. Pay attention to the relationship between colleagues, find the basis and make corresponding mediation in time.
    4. Arrange employees to be responsible for the sales area, receiving customers, when the customer cannot retain or promotes the transaction, the store
    long or store chief arranges senior employees to assist.
    5. Pay attention to the progress and performance of employees.
    6. Organize employee games during leisure, which can include songs, miniature speeches, sales drills, sharing sales, etc.
    7. Organize employees to communicate with each other in the spare time, including adding new friends daily, and the duplication rate does not allow more than 10%. Urges whether to send goods information, corporate culture, jade knowledge, etc. to friends. Summarize the daily intention of new customers and old customers to attack and invite the store.
    8. Employees' instruments, urging each other, do not allow clothes stains, uniform clothes, and slippers.
    9. Supervise the makeup of each employee concise and generous, and no makeup is allowed.
    10. Summary of daily stores. Customer information form
    Daily hygiene
    1. After the morning meeting, lead employees to clean up and arrange specific matters in the form of duty.
    2. Clean from top to bottom to the inside.
    3. Formulate the rotation system to get the washing supplies from the logistics, and make suggestions for the brand model.
    4. Black marks are not allowed on the ground. The counter must be cleaned and bright.
    5. Daily tools, including threads, scissors, pliers, cargo selection, pens, and forms. They need to be returned to everyone and prohibit random placing on the
    6. The guests' vision is not allowed to be sold any items.
    7. Two days as a unit, check whether the lamp is damaged. If it is damaged, report to the logistics department for maintenance within 10 hours. rn 2022年度珠宝店工作计划5 rn 20_年_月_日伴伴着新店破产,脱离了_店,正正在那一年里也让我体会多多,收益多多,感谢各位Leading the support of my colleagues to help me grow better. Now I will report the voluntary status of 20_ -year:
    . I am diligent, honest, and no annoyance, and the obligations on the two -floor volunteer will take the initiative to complete it.
    1. Birthday phone opposite the Electric Union ended at 11 faces every day, and congratulates Kimberley's good congratulations to customers in time.
    2. Apart from the three -day return call from the opposite of the Daily Telecom. On the third day of the customer's admission of jewelry, the telephone telephone calls in a timely manner to ask the customer whether the necklaces of the customers are consistent with a small short and the size of the ring. I feel so intimate in the infection of Kimberley.
    3. The archives of the customers adopted on the day of the day every morning, and carefully register the customer's birthday to prevent leaks.
    . Responsibilities and true responsibilities.
    It has been solved for more than two years. It is solving the goods, and the newly closed goods first check the number of parts; check whether the imprint of the jewelry is consistent with the label war certificate; check whether the jewelry number and price are consistent with the goods; As a result, the goods of the goods were picked out of the company in time; the goods closed at the counter were replenished in time, and the new models, series jewelry, and classification of the company were displayed. Cooperate with the transfer of goods, you need to reserve the goods at any time at any time; close it to the shipping goods, timely get out of the warehouse, and delete the goods in time to enter the warehouse in time. At the end of the month, the monthly month is guaranteed to be completed and the data is modest; the time of the former manager allows that no one has to take out the goods from the counter to leave the store.
    . The following is being sold in the sell:
    1. During the process of welcome, fully display jewelry goods.
    Because customers are close to jewelry knowledge and lack of experience, it is particularly important to display the display of jewelry in jewelry. It takes the initiative to guide customers to try to wear jewelry. : Describe the cutting of the diamond, and rotate the diamond jewelry with your hands, and move your heart. After telling the basics of the description, you will be handed to the customer. In this way, the customer will imitate my movement to observe the diamond indecently, and will ask: "What is Belgian cut?" I could stop explaining. Such a question and questioning is the way salesperson shows jewelry accessories.
    Is when the customer selection shows the pattern of the flower, I recommend two places in time, and the customer selects the jewelry with less indecent observation. This is easy to lock the war to reduce the momentum of customers' selection. When the price is being selected, the selection is based on the mammoth.
    2. The amount of doubts proposed by the operating customers should seize the time as much as possible to see the jewelry knowledge.
    The more knowledge about the jewelry that customers experience, the real life -dyeing dyeing will be more satisfied. When a girl put on a newly bought diamond ring to go to work, she always wants to inspire my colleagues' attention. When others see the diamond ring, she will talk about the knowledge she knows the knowledge she knows. , Fully get the thick enjoyment of a diamond, and is also advertising for us. Chang Zhi said that "the customer who is the best advertisement" and "the most influential advertisement is the people around them", which is to seize the opportunity during the selling process. When the customer raises doubts, Qi Ou explained jewelry Knowledge.
    3. Guide consumers to get out of the misunderstanding, and to avoid the explanation of diamonds for the longevity.
    Due to the misleading of some marketing units, many consumers begging for the production area when they collect diamonds. When the customer asked whether there is a North African diamond, I must talk about it first, showing that the customer "actually measures the right and wrong of diamonds at 4C standards. Northern Africa's output is great. In fact, it is not local diamonds. All of them are poor diamonds in North Africa. When they are giving customers a certificate, they operate the initiative. They are sending it before handing it to the customer. The price of the war is more than the customer.
    The jewelry store work plan of 2022 6
    20_ 战 x Moon X day with the opening of the new store, I came to _ store, and I also experienced a lot in this year. There are a lot of benefits. Thanks to the support and help of the leaders and colleagues to allow me to grow better. Now I will report the work plan of the 20_pay year as follows:
    . The work attitude is diligent, sincere, not bored, for the work of the second floor Take the initiative to complete
    1. The birthday telephone insists on dialing before 11 o'clock every day, and gives the good blessings to customers in time;
    2. Persist in dialing a three -day return to the phone every day, and the third after the customer purchase jewelry. Sky call in time and ask the customer to buy the necklace to wear the length and the size of the ring, so that the customer feels that the service is so intimate;
    3. Collect the files of the customer to purchase the customer every night, and register the customer's birthday carefully. In case of leaks and leaks.
    . For my own responsibilities, I have been responsible for
    The has been in the management of diamond goods for more than two years. In the management of goods, the number of newly -to -goods be checked first; check the accessories; check the jewelry Whether the mark is consistent with the label and certificate; check whether the jewelry number and price are consistent with the goods; check whether there is a quality problem in the goods, and timely pick out the problem with the problem with the problem with the problem of supplementary goods at the counter, replenish the goods in time, put the jewelry The new models launched by the store, series jewelry, classified and placed, and select a counter separately on display; cooperate with the two -storey stores, and need to be delivered at any time at any time; for the timely out of the goods Timely enter the warehouse. At the end of the month, the monthly month is guaranteed to be completed and the data is all lost; for no manager permission, no one can take out the goods from the counter to leave the store, and it is relatively in place. n. The summary in the sales is as follows
    1. During the reception process, fully display jewelry goods
    because most customers lack their understanding of jewelry knowledge, so the salesperson's display of jewelry is very important, and actively guide customers to try it to try. Dai jewelry, when I take out the diamond jewelry, describe the customer, for example: describe the cutting of the diamond, and gently rotate the diamond jewelry with my hands, and the manual mouth also moves. In this way, customers will imitate my movements to observe the diamonds, and ask: "What is Belgium cut?" I can explain it. Such a question and answer is the skill of the salesperson to show jewelry jewelry. In the case of the eyes, I recommend two pieces of contrast between two styles in time, and customers choose jewelry with longer observation time to describe the style of the two Different styles represent the style and scope of customer choice easily. When selecting the price, follow the principles of mammoth slow down.
    2. Use the question raised by customers to seize the opportunity to introduce jewelry knowledge
    The more jewelry knowledge that customers know. In fact, the later experience will be more satisfied. When a lady put on a newly bought diamond ring to go to work, she always wants to attract the attention of my colleagues. When others see this diamond ring, she will talk about the knowledge she knows about the diamond knowledge. , Fully get the spiritual enjoyment of a diamond, and also advertise for us. As the saying goes, "Satisfactory customers are advertising" and "influential advertisements are people around them". Therefore, they seize the opportunity during the sales process. When customers ask questions, they will cleverly explain the knowledge of jewelry.
    3. Guide consumers to get out of the purchase misunderstanding, and to avoid the clever explanation of diamond quality
    Due to the misleading of some marketing units, many consumers require the origin of the place of origin when they buy diamonds. When the customer asked whether there was a South African diamond, I must first say yes, telling the customer that "actually the quality of the diamond is measured by 4C standards, South Africa has a large output, not all diamonds are good. High -quality and high -quality diamonds. When obtaining a certificate for customers, grasping the initiative, take a look before handing it to the customer, and avoid the diamond according to the grade level. N 2022 Jewelry Store Work Plan 7
    The time when I was at work, time always walked fast. Unconsciously, it turned out to be far away. Long, I have been responsible for managing my own stores in the work of 20_ -year -old. Basically and small things must be managed. But in this case, the turnover of the store has not reached the expected level. Ashamed.
    After careful reflection of last year, I carefully analyzed and investigated_ jewelry and the surrounding environment, market, and people. At the company's meeting, I seriously absorbed experience and lessons. Through absorbing experience, I planned the work plan of these 20 -year work:
    . Personal improvement plan In the case where the turnover is not available, I must reflect and change myself. In this year's work, I decided to make more requirements for my personal ability.
    First of all I can't just judge by observing and understanding the experience of other peers. In my work, I should have a more in -depth understanding of the market environment and formulate a marketing strategy based on the situation of the surrounding potential customers. In the end The manager, I should understand more clearly in the positioning of the product. Excluding unnecessary customers and focusing on the sales of potential customers.
    Secondly, as the manager, my ability to manage also needs to be strengthened. Strengthen your ability to manage and strengthen the control of the store.
    . The plan of work
    . Before work, I need to strengthen the management ability of employees and improve the basic quality and service capabilities of employees. Cultivate the training. Cultivate the training. Cultivate Employee's corporate culture and belonging management. Let it be proud of the enterprise at work and centered on the interests of the enterprise.
    Secondly, it is necessary to train employees' sales capabilities. Jewelry is a luxury product, and it will inevitably cause it in sales. Customers' consideration and hesitation, in order to "help the flames" to promote the customer's desire to buy, the shop assistants who directly communicate must be strengthened in terms of sales capabilities. And we must also have a sufficient understanding of our products.
    Finally, In the store's sales strategy, I have to make a better plan. To make a publicity strategy based on festivals and activities. Improving the popularity of jewelry and attracting more customers. At the same time R n. The end of the end
    The most important thing for sales is to know what you sell. How to sell, as a manager, I should know these more. Do a good job of positioning, grasp the opportunity, and wait for customers to come to the door. In the future work, I will continue to work hard to step up to improve my ability and drive the development of _ jewelry!
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