3 thoughts on “Why is the gold band for a long time and there is no bright before”

  1. Daily wearing or environmental factors can make gold jewelry lose the colorful color. For example: dry areas, the air contains more minimum dust. After the human body is contaminated, it will form a human sandpaper. It can wear gold jewelry to erode very fine debris and local black stains. It is worth mentioning that the refreshing powder or moisturizing cream also contains similar particles, which will also make gold jewelry barely like the above. Confrontation method: It is safe to clean the goldware with ultrasonic. Do not wear gold to swim to the pool, and pay more attention to avoid making gold jewelry bears the sudden warming. If you just finish the steam bath, take a bath with cold water, and the gold jewelry wearing on your body will be deformed by the pressure of thermal expansion and contraction. The too hot environment is not suitable for saving gold wares. When cooking, pay attention to avoid hot smoke to damage your gold jewelry. 2. The cause of the black jewelry of gold jewelry
    Strophic and harmful substances in the human body, chlorine substitutes, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc., will cause chemical reactions with silver and copper in gold jewelry, producing dark black chloride Silver and copper sulfide, this chemical salt sometimes falls from gold jewelry, and will also pollute the skin of the wearer, leaving very obvious black stains.
    Cope: Washing is the simplest method with mild soap and soft brush (baby toothbrush). Avoid toothpaste containing abrasives. Water columns can also replace soft hair brushes. After cleaning the golden jewelry, you can use the old towel with a cotton velvet line to dry it or dry it on it. 3. The less gold in the gold jewelry will be wearing less
    The gold in the gold jewelry will be wearing less and less, but the consumption of this quality cannot be seen by human eyes. At present, cosmetics have become one of the indispensable characters for people's lives. If you apply it on the skin of the gold jewelry, you will undoubtedly provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemicals and the gold jewelry of the gold jewelry that are most afraid of chemicals. Of. Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt, thereby wear gold jewelry. Fighting method: Avoid contact with cosmetics and skin care products. Before you go to the barber shop, it is best to remove your gold ornaments. Shampoo may also consume your gold. Warm tips:
    1. The gold jewelry that is often worn should be cleaned and checked once a month, especially inlaid with gemstones. It is also necessary to check the claw end regularly to avoid loosening to lose the gemstone.
    2. If you feel moved on your claws with your fingers or toothpicks on the stone surface, you need to take it. Properly love your gold jewelry can make it new for a long time without depreciation.
    3. Filling cotton brocade bags and rubber bags are excellent choices to separate and protect gold jewelry.

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