suede jewelry pouches wholesale Where can I buy the most authenticity in Hangzhou's silk? It's cheap ... the quality must be good

suede jewelry pouches wholesale

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  1. hiphop jewelry wholesale You can go to Wanli, Hi Laobao, all born, absolutely authentic.
    sm not want to buy it in a specialty store, there are pit tourists, the quality is average, and it is very expensive. It is completely sold as a crafts.
    Wanshiri Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Laqiao Silk Factory, was founded in 1975. After 39 years of development, it has now become a modern enterprise group with the main business of silk culture, biotechnology, asset management, and capital management as the two wings.
    The brand of Masterpiece was born in Hangzhou. The Silkworm Production Trading Center of the Southern Song Dynasty Silk Mansion gathered in the merchant, leaving Marco Polo's "luxury and natural" amazing. The heir of Shen Aiqin grew under the influence of the silkworm culture, and wanted to bring Chinese silk to the world again.
    The development history of all things:
    The hardships of life created the first famous trademark of Chinese silk -Masterpiece. Tu Hongyan, who brought the most advanced industrial concepts and brand thinking in Japan and Europe, returned to Hangzhou, and took over the world silk relay stick from the mother who entered the flower of the flower. She always believed that the silk was always luxury. With a low -key luxury, Tu Hongyan brought elegant, classic and sophisticated all -rounded silk products into every corner of fashion life.

  2. turkoman jewelry wholesale Hangzhou China Silk City Hangzhou Silk Market. Address: No. 217, Xinhua Road
    Periodic bus information [Bus Lianqiao Station] K616,8/K8 [Bus Xinhua Road Station] K201 (Night Line), K76 large station car, 35 /K35 large station car, 21/k21 road, K76, K76, K30, K199,35/k35, 32/k32,21/k21,5/k5 [Bus Zhejiang 1 Hospital Station]
    k30, k30, k30 , 68/K68 [Bus Xinhua Road Station] K607A, K30, 68/K68 [Bus Changqing Street Station]
    (Digging and miscellaneous and mesome, it is best to check it, but this place should be right )

  3. brighton jewelry wholesale It is recommended not to buy there, where I just came back, the store bought it was so expensive, and it was cheated by the taxi. We took any taxi, as long as the silk of people was good, they would take us to take us. Going to Silk Mansion and Sili Bao, we later knew that they had 50%of the commission, which shows how huge profits. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

  4. silver wire for jewelry wholesale Reading: Hangzhou is known as the "Silk Mansion". Liangzhu's unearthed silk fabrics, which are 4,700 years old, have revealed the long history of Hangzhou silk. At that time, the level of Hangzhou silk was high.

    The Hangzhou is known as the "Silk Mansion". Liangzhu's unearthed silk fabrics, which are 4,700 years old, have revealed the long history of Hangzhou silk. At that time, the level of Hangzhou silk was high.

    The Hangzhou is known as the "Silk Mansion". Liangzhu's unearthed silk fabrics, which are 4,700 years old, have revealed the long history of Hangzhou silk. At that time, the level of Hangzhou silk was high. Then when you come to Hangzhou, there may be some confusion. What brand of Hangzhou silk is good? Which brand of Hangzhou silk is good? What are the Hangzhou silk brands? Let ’s take a look at the detailed reports of the top ten Hangzhou silk brand rankings with the editor of the brand network!

    1 , Dali

    "Dali Fa" is a brand of Dali Limi (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.. Since the establishment of the "Dali Fa" brand in 1993, the company has actively strengthened brand promotion, publicity, active active promotion, active active promotion, active Create the awareness and reputation of the "Dali Fa" brand. At present, "Dali" has been rated as the first brand of the Chinese silk industry by the World Brand Laboratory (WBL). It is "China Textile Brand Cultural Innovation Award" and so on. The "Dali Fa" brand silk has been rated as "Zhejiang Famous Brand", "China Famous Brand" and "National Exemption" products. In addition, the "Dali Fa" trademark is a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province.

    2, hazard silk art

    Hangzhou Hangyuxia silk silk was established in 1988. It is a well -known silk company specializing in the research and development, design, production, and sales of silk products. Haying silk silk is based on the traditional culture of the silk industry, adheres to the practical business philosophy, uses advanced production equipment and processes, grasps the combination of traditional and popular, integrates classical charm and modern fashion. The pursuit of quality has made "hanatn" a brand that is deeply trusted by customers and loved by customers. 3. Silk family

    3, silk family

    "Silk Family" is the main product of Hangzhou Silk Family Clothing Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Silk Family Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. It is located in 1988. On the bank of the beautiful Xizi Lake, the company is a company that focuses on scientific research, development, production and sales of silk products. The company's main brand Hangzhou "Silk Family" products are: digital scarves, digital printing scarves, hand -painted scarves, silk hair, silk, silk cotton pure green environmental protection series high -end scarves, all kinds of men and women real silk pajamas. . Clothing and other series of silk boutiques.

    4, silk art weaving

    "Silk Art Weaving" is affiliated with a direct -operated brand under Hangzhou Silk Art Department Store. Located on Longjing Road, the former residence of Jinsheng. It has been founded for 7 years. It has mainly operated wholesale and retail pure silk products, including clothing, arts and crafts, and bedding. Soft, smooth, light and elegant, is a common impression of consumers' weaving. The construction style of Jiangnan's embroidery theme shows the excellent brand image, which stands out among many silk first -line brands in Hangzhou.

    5, Du Jinsheng

    "Dujin Sheng Jiu" was formed in 1921. It was created by Mr. Du Jinsheng, a well -known patriotic industry in our country, and is the representative of Hangzhou weaving. For more than 80 years of development and innovation, Dujin Shengjie has formed three major series represented by the brocade, decorative weaving, and the brocade of the brocade. One of the representative famous brocade. Dujin Shengjie has represented Hangzhou traditional brocade crafts on the World Expo held in Philadelphia, USA in 1926, and won the gold award in one fell swoop; in 1929, he participated in the first West Lake Expo and won the special prize and excellent award; and in 1979, 1982, 1984 He has won the National Gold and Silver Award many times. Du Jinsheng was also identified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce as the "Chinese time" in 1990 and 2018.

    6, paradise story

    "Paradise Story" is a registered trademark in Hangzhou Gumei Silk Clothing Home Textile Co., Ltd., "Paradise" in the story of heaven represents Hangzhou, West Lake; "Story" Represented Hangzhou, West Lake Culture, and Paradise Stories represent Hangzhou culture, West Lake culture, rich Chinese characteristics; heaven story brands originated from the classic love story of Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi, bringing the color of love to the story of the heaven, every day in the West Lake There will be different paradise stories on the top. The development of heaven is developed into love, a beautiful life, and wishes and hard work. In 1979, the heaven story brand was born. In 2008, he won the Innovation Technology Small Flying Award at the International George Ruus Silk Exhibition. At the French admiration silk exhibition, the heaven story silk was won by the high -end technology award. And obtained "well -known silk brand", "one of the highest satisfaction with the brand", "China's most distinctive silk brand" and so on. In 2009, the future blueprint was located with "beautiful cities with paradise stories", and the target was locked in the chain layout in the "city with beautiful stories".

    7, Xi Debao

    "Xidao Bao" is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Xidbao Group Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1949. Hangzhou Silk Printing Factory formed Hangzhou Xidebao Group Corporation with the Hangzhou Silk Refining Plant in 1997. The "Xiden Bao" trademark is a well -known trademark in China and a well -known trademark in the silk industry in Zhejiang Province. The company's real silk printing and dyeing silk and silk clothing have been named the Chinese silk industry recommending famous brands, Zhejiang famous brand and Hangzhou famous brand. The company also has a first -class domestic fashion performance group, which has appeared in various countries in the world and performed for provincial and municipal foreign affairs activities.

    8, Kai Xiya

    "Kai Xiya" is the main brand of Zhejiang Kaixi Yaya International Co., Ltd. It is an excellent enterprise technology center in Zhejiang Province. Every year, it develops and design a number of new silk textile products, new varieties, new flowers, and new styles to domestic and foreign markets. The design and development capabilities are at a leading level in the industry.

    9, silk treasure

    The treasure of Silk, is located on Baizhen Road, Hangzhou, adjacent to the beautiful Xizi Lake and the famous Beishan Street in Hangzhou. The production of pure silk daily necessities, from the bedding, women's bags, silk scarves, calligraphy and painting, clothing, cheongsam to home clothing, there is everything, soft texture, beautiful color, many varieties, and the treasure of silk shows the beauty of the south of the river.

    10. Masterpiece

    Wanjieli Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975. After 43 years of development, it has now become a modern enterprise group with silk culture and creativity. Essence Chinese e -commerce silk first brand, well -known trademark in China, and Masterpiece's silk women's clothing has always been listed in the industry

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