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  1. crave wholesale jewelry MFC's false currency is used as a way to sell points, and it has set up a high threshold for entry. It can only be divided into labor after half a year, and it can only be sold after one year.
    1.mfc account opening is divided into platinum account, gold account and retail. How to layout to maximize interests is this opinion. But overall control can be controlled.
    2. Register 3 5,000 US dollars at one time, or upgrade to 3 5,000 US dollars within the same month, called the new gold account; Upgrade to 7,000 US dollars accounts, called the new Platinum account; accounts that exceed one month of upgrade are called old accounts. These accounts are completed on the red fork upgrade point of the silent stay. The gold list and platinum list can be managed uniformly, and no need to enter each account for management.
    3. For the initial contact, there are two ways to layout: First, use the first order to enter the venue, then use the first order to launch a maximum account, and then use the second account as the market. The second is to do the "Golden Triangle" when entering the market. This is more suitable for financial management.
    4. The investment quota is different and the benefits are different. Time and speed can maximize benefits. If it is a $ 5,000, in terms of static speaking, it takes about one and a half to two years to distribute and roll, and then make three outs and three. If there is a dynamic, then make three outs and three -in -three -to -three -to -three -to -three -to -three -in -three amount in this station. If it is three 5,000 US dollars, it will be sold at about 80,000 ease points, which will take about one to one and a half years. If it is seven 5,000 US dollars, don't wait for too long. It will not be sold for too long. It will take about six months to one year to three. Therefore, it is different in the morning and evening, and the time to return to this time is different. You need to master it flexibly.

  2. wholesale beads and jewelry supplies china VC Investment Chinese Name Risk Investment is also translated as entrepreneurial investment, which mainly points to a financing method of providing capital support to startups and obtaining the company's shares. Risk investment is a form of private equity investment.
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