Which website is better to buy a ring?

Which website is better to buy a ring? (High cost performance, good reputation) Thank you

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  1. The official website of the ring brand and the official flagship stores of major platforms are more reliable.
    Generally speaking, regular diamond ring brands have their own independent online sales channels. Most of them have their own official website sales channels. We can understand the brand's diamond ring style and parameters through the official website. Plug or custom diamond ring; in addition, some diamond ring brands will have their own independent online malls, the official website provides product information, and the official website mall provides sales. Some brands also cooperate with well -known shopping platforms to open online flagship stores, and we can also buy it through flagship stores.
    i do ring
    Whether you buy a diamond ring in the mall or online, it is necessary to learn simple diamond knowledge. First of all, we must understand the classification of diamonds. Some consumers mistakenly believe that "South African diamond" is a good quality diamond. This is wrong, because the quality of diamonds is not about the place of origin, but the 4C factors of the diamond itself. Clarity, color, cut (cut), carat weight. The current national standards divide the clarity of inlaid diamonds from high to low to LC, VVS, VS, SI, P level, and divide the colors of inlaid diamonds to D-E, F-G, H, I-J, K-L, M-N.
    i DO ring
    gia certificate is a link that cannot be ignored. Choose the diamond you want to buy, ask the corresponding GIA certificate, go to the GIA website to check the certificate information, and see if the waist edges of the diamonds supported by the certificate are related to whether The certificate is consistent. This can be performed at the physical experience store of the diamond online store. Luxury jewelry is the business model of online sales and store sales. At the same time as the price is preferential, the vast number of elimination experience has provided the real -time drilling experience.

  2. If the landlord wants to buy a ring, I recommend the original poster to
    The website to buy this website. Burlie is the jewelry processing directly facing consumers, and the price is half cheaper than outside shops.

  3. There are a lot of online accessories, but the cost -effectiveness is high. I suggest you choose to pick up the gold network. I recently bought a ring and bought things on Taobao through it. It is much cheaper. The key is that things yourself also like it.

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