wholesale body jewelry display The box office of the series of "Transformers" has not been able to return it. Why is the production party continuously produced?

wholesale body jewelry display

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  1. wholesaler for teal gem jewelry As a typical representative of the Hollywood commercial popcorn blockbuster, "Transformers" is very popular in China. Since the rise of the Chinese film market, it has always been the box office master of this series overseas (except North America).
    The words of "prosperity and decline" can not be escaped. With Marvel's "Avengers" and Universal Film's "Jurassic World" and other Hollywood movie IPs in the heavenly rise "Transformers" seemed to be inadequate, and finally took away the throne of Tianchao NO.1 Hollywood IP in 2017 by the "Speed ​​and Passion" series in 2017.
    The replacement of the dynasty is inevitable for historical development, but the situation of the "Transformers" series is getting worse, but it has a lot to do with the Paramram industry behind it.
    The rise of deformed robots
    In the 1980s, Japanese toy company Takara proposed the concept of "deformable robot", so that the sales of deformation robot toy created by The manufacturer Hasbro reached an agreement with TAKARA to further anthropomorphize the deformable robot. At the same time, it launched a series of animations and comics to ensure the sales of toys. In the traditional sense, the "Transformers ()" was born.
    time came to the 21st century. During the period when the film market began to flourish, Hasbaba would naturally not let go of this opportunity, so the copyright of the Transformers was awarded the copyright of the transformers to one of the six major Hollywood film manufacturers Paramount Film and Paramount found the director Michael Bei directed the movie, so the group of robots began their own screen journey.
    . The same as expected, the huge deformation robot can be said to be stunning the eyes of the audience in 2007. Once the "Transformers" movie was launched, the audience was quite good. 709 million US dollars, as a series of works, are undoubtedly a good result.
    , many film critics do not have a cold about this movie. They think that they pay too much attention to the special effects of the robot and ignore the integrity of the plot and the shape of the characters. Only 57%score.
    focused on special effects and large scenes, and the plot nature was relatively weak, and it also began to be passed on to subsequent works as the characteristics of the "Transformers" series.
    The low -mouth and high box office, good effects killing the Quartet
    The response due to the first "Transformers", the sequel was quickly put on the agenda.
    2 years later, "Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen" is released as scheduled. This sequel inherits the advantages of the previous work. eyeball. However, in addition to the advantages, the shortcomings of the previous work have also been inherited, which is the further weakening of the plot.
    "Transformers 2" has achieved $ 830 million box office globally, and North America even exceeds 400 million US dollars (in North America, 400 million US dollars belonged to a very high height in 2009). It can be said to be quite excellent.
    , although the reputation of the film critics has deteriorated, the box office is a vote of real gold and silver, and "Transformers 3" was quickly established. But at this time, the director Michael Belamont stated that he wanted to direct another movie and hoped that Paramon could invest. At this time, Paramon promised to Michael Bei to make a transformers , Give funding support.
    In fact, when shooting "Change 2", Michael Bay has already said that he will exit the series, no longer directed "Change 3" to make his own movie, and even said in the media.
    It is not easy to find a manufacturer who is willing to invest in the movie movie. Michael Bei considered it again and again, and finally decided to take pictures of "Transformers 3".
    But soon, the trouble came again. The heroine of the first two movies conflict with Michael Beck. Looking at what good looks, the heroine of "Transformers 3" was replaced, and Michael Bei was also hacked in the movie.
    Michael Bei once again played its own strengths in "Transformers 3". By increasing the explosion of the scene and fighting, the visual effect achieves unprecedented top performance, but the plot is only the lowest maintained at the lowest. Pass line.
    This year, the film market of the Tianchao began to develop. "Transformers 3: Moon Black" won the high box office of 1.1 billion yuan in the Mainland and became the annual champion of the mainland import film in 2011. As a classic Hollywood blockbuster after the rise of the market, coupled with the special effects scene in "Change 3" is really shocking, the "Transformers" series has gradually become known to the audience in the Mainland and has become a typical representative of Hollywood blockbusters.
    Although the population of the film review has further collapsed, "Change 3" has achieved $ 1.1 billion in high box office worldwide. In 2011, it ranked fourth in the box office list in the history of the film and the pinnacle of the entire series. Michael Bey also thought he had been liberated and said in the media that he would no longer direct "Change 4".
    but seeing "Change 3" to get such a powerful box office, Paramount will naturally not be idle. After lobbying, Michael Beef will be tied to the Transformers' chariot through the "Contract Binding Law"-if you want to shoot the movie you want, you must directed "Transformers 4".
    Michael Bay is not so stupid this time, he insisted that Paramount must give the funds to make the movie he wants, otherwise he would not do it directly. In the end, he received Paramount's investment support as expected, and directed his other movie "Payment and Harvest".
    The doomsday of the deformation robot
    soon. "Transformers 4" began to produce, but it is clear that the bundled Michael Bei has already lost its enthusiasm for making this series.
    did Paramount know this? As one of the six Hollywood, they certainly know. The bundled contract drives a director who has lost enthusiasm to continue shooting continuation from the long run. It is not a good thing in the long run, but the businessman is blinded by the interests in front of him. Obviously, Paramount's high -level vision is not long -term. Mongolian is always one of the reasons for the six major Hollywood.
    In 2014, "Transformers 4: Extraordinary Rebirth" was released, and Michael Bei once again carried forward his traditional "explosive characteristics". The scene and special effects are still the top of the times. But the plot has obviously fell below the pass line.
    In general, the audience's plot requirements for business masterpieces will not be very high, as long as they are not outrageous, they can still accept it. Although the plot of "Change 4" is weaker than the first three parts, it will not have a significant impact on the movie.
    The most ridiculous thing is that there are quite a lot of advertisements in "Change 4", and it is the kind of "stiff" forced implantation. In fact, it is normal for advertising implantation in movies. However, the implantation arrangements are so perfunctory, and it can be seen that Michael Beckic is no longer in the "Transformers" series.
    The shooting of "Change 4" can be said to be "routine".
    . "Change 4" has achieved a high box office of $ 1.97 billion in the Tianchao. Since then, the influence of the "Change" series in the Mainland has been established in one fell swoop. The box office in other countries is also very good. In the end, the global box office has reached the $ 1.1 billion.
    , although the box office of "Change 4" is hot, Michael Bay, who has long lost enthusiasm for this series, still claims to the media that he will no longer directed "Transformers 5".
    , however, your explosion shells think so, but Paramount does not think so.
    In view of the previous contracts of Michael Bei and Paramon, Paramount has re-applied his skills-if you want to make your own movie, you must directed "Transformers 5". As a result, Michael Bei was invested and filmed a movie "13 hours of crisis", and then rushed to the shooting of "Brexing 5".
    Micorbe every time Michael Becka claims to no longer shoot the "Change" sequel, but every time the behavior of his own face is also passed on to a laughingstock, and Paramount High -level is also happy to continue counting the money, but they will continue to count the money. Maybe I couldn't think of it, Michael Belle had already made up her mind.
    In 2017, "Transformers 5: The Last Cavaliers" landed on the theater. The audience was basically dumbfounded at first glance: Is this still Transformers? Oh no, is this still a movie?
    If the plot of "Change 1-Change 3" is weak, the plot of "Change 4" is barely acceptable, then the plot of "Change 5" is inexplicable. As a commercial film that does not require the plot, it is unprecedented to get this point.
    not only the plot is equal to no. Michael Bei also specially added a lot of unnecessary human drama in "Change 5", making the appearance time of Transformers greatly compressed. The visual effects of the previous series of explosions are basically disappeared.
    In the influence and accumulated fans of the previous work, "Change 5" still won 1.5 billion high box office in China, but in this year, "Speed ​​and Passion 8" achieved the box office of the imported film. At this point, the two box office "Fast" series of "Fast" series officially replaced "Change" and became the hottest IP of Hollywood in the Mainland.
    "Change 5" not only collapsed with word of mouth, but also 220 million investment announcement costs, but the global box office was only 600 million. Not only was the minimum of the series, but not even recovered. Although the first four are not good, at least they can make money, and a movie "Changing 5" is completely destroyed.
    "Change 5" Global box office is only 600 million, North America is only 100 million, and only more than 400 million overseas. Seeing that Michael Bei was basically in the "vent" shooting, he really hoped to get rid of this series and no longer bound to "Transformers".
    After experiencing the defeat of "Change 5", Michael Bei finally got the wishes to escape from the "Transformers" series. Paramount also adjusted the strategy and decided The development of transformers with a highly popular Horgee as the protagonist.
    In view of the majority of the positive series of the "bombing and special effects of the scene, the plot is quite weak, this time Paramount plans to make up for this weakness," Big Worker "movie is no longer frying. Instead, it is more biased towards the shaping of the opera and plot. And the style has also moved towards retro, and the shape of the car robot is biased towards the simple style of classic animation instead of the fragmented style of Michael Bei.
    This year, "Hornets" received unanimous praise abroad after the release. Both film critics and audiences gave high evaluations, and the CEO of Paramount's parent company also claimed that the film was "rich in profits."
    but at the same time, because the plot of "Hornet" is actually not too perfect. In addition, the fixed impression given by the previous "Change" series is the commercial blockbuster of special effects, and the change of the "Hornet" pattern is The reduction of small and fighting scenes has made quite a lot of audiences dissatisfied.
    Although the box office of "Hornet" cannot be compared with the original series, it finally makes people see that Paramount is trying to recover the IP of Transformers. Judging from the current performance of "Hornets", the first Transformers movie after the defeat of word of mouth, the primary goal is naturally stabilizing the foot, not asking for the big explosion, and this is obviously reached.
    Transformers: A resurremist
    The fact, "Bumblebee" this time, indicates that Paramount's choice.
    The "Transformers" in the past is a typical commercial popcorn blockbuster. Many viewers have labeled this series. This transformation will obviously lose a large number of fans who hobby.
    It before Paramount declares the establishment of the "Transformers Movie Universe", if it is a long -term low -quality box office route, it is obviously not the best choice. Look at the reputation of each film in the most successful Marvel Movie Universe is basically relatively stable, the box office is also stable, and from time to time, a large -scale movie. Obviously Paramount also hopes to embark on this road. In fact, the idea of ​​learning the success of the opponent is very correct. In fact, the idea is very correct, but whether you can really recover the road of success of others, you still need to Paramount your own control. "Hornets" have lost and losses, and the rearming path of Transformers is still far away.

  2. indian jewelry supply wholesale The "Transformers" series of movies tells the story of a car that can be deformable. This series of movies must be loved by boys. Even I think that in our generation, many boys should expect that they can become a Transformers. The protagonist, or it means that there is a car that can be deformed like a Transformers, because most boys like cars very much. But do you know?
    The box office of the Transformers series of diamonds cannot be returned. For this, many people will ask, why can't I return to the book? In fact, when this movie was first came out, it was very sought after. So far, many people will go to this movie. Why ca n’t you return? There are indeed many people who like to be transformer and chase the transformers series movies, but this does not mean that its cost can be returned.
    News, you know that there is a series of special effects lenses in the Transformers, and because it is a story about a car that can be deformable, this movie does not know how many cars have been lost during the filming process? Not to mention that some cars that can be deformed here are more expensive. Special effects plus the car, do not dug this crew. Someone will ask, why can't the box office be able to return to the original and the producer of the Transformers has been produced?
    Mas businessmen are not all heavy? For my question, I can only say that this out -of -the -ware product may be a relatively strange producer. They do not pay much attention to benefits. They pay more attention to feelings. They continue to shoot Transformers. This series of movies. In fact, it is a feeling. Very unbelievable, right, but this is the fact!

  3. wholesale jewelry drawer box manufacturer Paying attention to special effects and large scenes, the plot is relatively weak, and it has also begun to pass on the subsequent works as the characteristics of the "Transformers" series.
    low mouth and high box office, good special effects to kill the Quartet

  4. ss jewelry wholesale I think the box office of the series of "Transformers" has not been able to return to the book, and the producer is constantly producing because of the high heat.

  5. bridal jewelry wholesale usa The box office of the series of "Transformers" has not been able to return to the book, but in fact, many people really like Transformers, and may have his special feelings.

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