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  1. atlanta wholesale jewelry suppliers There is such a saying that playing the N card for the game and the drawing A card, but in fact, the N card supports better. I mean in the game. In terms of theory, the single -precision floating -point computing capacity of A card is strong and the N card is weak, which is well supported or exerted for software or games with high requirements for parallel computing. However, the architecture, the self -feel is a better N card, the special effects of the high -end graphics card play the game, it feels that the number of the N card game frame is relatively small, which is stable than the A card. In fact, the high -end graphics cards are not much different. Most of the games supported by A card are biased in the texture. However, the N card can support physical acceleration. Honestly, I am using GTX570 SLI. The actual physical acceleration I can only explode. I can see it in the explosion. The picture, the A card is soft and the N card is bright, this depends on personal preference. For the price, high -end is not cheap. I hope you are satisfied with you

  2. diamond jewelry cheap wholesale Nvidia Make a graphics card and mobile phone CPU, AMD as a computer and host CPU graphics card. This ... are you asking the two of them? As for who is strong, from the top graphics card, Nvidia is indeed better

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